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You're on the go. Take the information that matters most with you.

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Never miss a beat when you’re on the road.

Have you ever needed to look up a prospect’s phone number on the go? Wanted to map directions to a family’s address on the way to a home visit? Record a note about a great conversation with a potential donor from the airport? Of course you have, and that’s why we built CampMinder Mobile for both Android and iOS.

The life of a camp professional involves a lot of travel. Between recruitment trips, conferences, and winter offices there are many days spent out and about. We think it’s important that you have convenient access to your data wherever you may be.



You’ve seen the Unified Person Record. Now put it in your pocket. Take all of the knowledge the UPR offers about your community with you anywhere. Just don’t take it on hikes… we’d prefer you unplug every once in a while.



After a successful home visit with the Kleins, it’s important to jot down some of the details you learned. Samantha is afraid of the dark and the family may need financial aid… this is stuff you don’t want to forget.



You just bumped into Mrs. Cutler at the farmer’s market, and she mentioned that her friend Judy might be interested in sending her son to camp. Create a bulletin reminding you to call Mrs. Cutler on Monday. Now you can get back to selecting the perfect heirloom tomato.



Be in the know about the things that matter as they happen: A new camper requested information; A staff application has been submitted; A family has paid their bill online. Receive real-time notifications to your mobile device while you’re on the go.