Summer Camp,

You are a leader of your camp and a pillar in your community. When your customers put tremendous trust in you, our powerful management tool delivers the day-to-day task support that helps you make every moment memorable, and every summer stellar. 

Modern tech made with camp in mind.

Our user-friendly platform was engineered specifically to help you work smarter, sleep sounder, and leave a lasting impression. 

Pick a Suite That Fits Your Style

Every camp has its own kind of magic. We’ll help you choose the suite of features that will best support yours. Pricing is tiered and based on the number of enrolled campers. Schedule a demo and we’ll calculate your rate together.

Standard Suite

An affordable suite that’s priced based on your enrollment and helps you stay organized even through the camp chaos.

Example License Fee

$16 Per Camper for 275 Enrolled

Standard Features
  • Online Registration
  • Smart Camp Staffing
  • Cabin & Group Assignments
  • Integrated Health Care
  • Day & Sleepaway Camp Transportation
  • Paperless Attendance
  • Advanced Reporting

Professional Suite

A premium set of features with enrollment-based pricing that empowers you to go the extra mile for every camper.

Example License Fee

$36 Per Camper for 500 Enrolled

Professional Features
  • All standard features
  • Mobile Camper Forms 
  • Mobile Staff Forms
  • Mobile Form Scanner
  • Drag-and-Drop Email Editor
  • Advanced Email Metrics
  • Campminder API
  • Campanion App
  • Photo and Video Stream
  • Facial Recognition
  • Push Notifications
  • Microposts
  • Free Photo Downloads
  • Unlimited eLetters

A Few of Our Camp-Minded Friends.

These customers love Campminder’s fully-featured, time-saving solutions. Their customers love them, too. They’re happy, we’re happy, everybody’s happy. Just how camp should be.


Inspiring the minds of tomorrow is your thing. Finding answers to questions is ours. Here are a few softballs to get you started.
Got more? Bring it on.

How long does it take to onboard with Campminder?

Our team starts getting you set up the moment you sign up. We build integrations with your website, import your historic data, and set up your Merchant Account in fewer than 3 weeks. From there we recommend 10 training sessions over the course of 5 weeks. Then we go live for your customers and continue ongoing support.

How does pricing work?

Both of our suites are tiered based on the number of enrolled campers in your camp.

Is Campminder just for big camps?

Campminder is made for all kinds of camps. We mean it. Day camps, sleepaway, from 20 campers to 2,000, our platform is made to cover the camp gamut.

If I already have Campminder, do I need to upgrade to the Professional Suite?

Nope, but if you do, you get access to a bunch of new features that can make a big difference in your camp—like updated Communication Hub, a powerful API to enable marketing integrations and data analysis, and the Campanion app which gives parents a smart photo feed that finds their kid using facial recognition.

Can I use Campminder to run rentals and events in the off-season?

Yes! We have a whole separate solution for that. Whether it’s a big party or small gathering, Gazebo is your new best friend for event management and rentals.

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