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Texting with CampMinder

Need to text your camp parents with updates on the fly?
We've got you covered.

Text your camp parents any time, anywhere.

You need a solution for texting camp parents, and we’re excited that Text Messaging 1.0 with CampMinder is here. We’re partnering with EZ Texting as our technology partner, which means we can offer you best-in-class service that’s still integrated with the CampMinder you know and love.

Please let us know if you’re interested in this feature by filling out the form here, and we’ll have you texting in no time!

Texting With CampMinder Includes…

The core features you need

Mass Group Texts

Text your camp parents or active staff all at once, or by groups

1:1 Messages

Administrators can send messages to as few as one user

Two-way Texting

With two-way messaging you can not only receive replies but easily chat back and forth

Text Previews

Get peace of mind for each of your messages with text-previews

Text Templates

Need to send lots of similar text messages? Create a template, rinse and repeat!

Scheduled Texts

With Scheduled Texts, set up your messages ahead of time and go eat dessert. We’ve got you covered.

Reporting Dashboard

Need to know how your texts are performing? Leverage EZ Texting’s robust dashboard to monitor your performance over time!

Integrated with CampMinder

Select your Text Groups by Session, Division, Gender, Contacts, Programs, Bunk/Group, and Bunk/Group Plan based on what you’ve already set up in CampMinder

Broad Coverage

CampMinder Texting supports texting most US-based numbers and major cell phone service providers

What's New

Text-enable your landline


Upgrade your account for faster sending service


Active Session Sync

        • Camp lists will sync to the active season (the earliest/oldest season open). Example: If a camp opens in 2022, but still has 2021 open, the lists will sync from 2021.

10-Digit Numbers

        • Login to your EZ Texting through Campanion admin and follow the prompts at the top of the page to switch from shortcode number to 10-digit number.

Text hired staff

        • You can now create and sync staff groups to EZ Texting based on:
          • Gender
          • Division
          • Position 
          • Organizational Category
          • Program Area

New navigation

        • We’ve grouped texting groups and form reminders into one area in the menu
        • We’ve renamed ‘integrations’ in the menu to ‘texting’
        • After creating your audience click ‘texting’ to create your texting group

Group details

        • Click a texting group name to find out which contacts were sent to EZ Texting and why a specific contact wasn’t accepted
        • Records that don’t successfully sync offer the option to edit contact information by clicking a link to their Unified Person Record
        • After you update information, you can sync the updated contact without waiting on a full group sync

Sync your EZ Texting credentials from Campanion Admin

      • If you change your EZ Texting username or password, the next time you visit a texting page in Campanion Admin you will be prompted to update your credentials

Ready To Explore Texting With CampMinder?

Reach out today and we'll be glad to walk you through the demo!

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