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Respect the Travel Coordinator

Don’t kid yourself: Coordinating daily arrival and departure is one of the of the most complicated tasks a camp professional faces. Meeting locations and times, bus rosters and updates, late drop-offs and early pickups, absences and attendance… it’s overwhelming.

Day camp travel coordinators are the true warriors of the summer camp industry (there, we said it). Each day, they handle any problem that may come their way — from weather to flat tires to last-minute changes. TWICE. We thought we’d help make work a bit more enjoyable.

Define Your Structure

Your day camp is unique, and so is your transportation plan. We built a system that lets you offer a wide variety of transportation options. Design a blueprint that sets you up for success day after day.

Add Buses

Add Bus Stops

Organize Routes

Schedule Campers

The Only Constant Is Change

Sally gets picked up at Mom’s and dropped off at Dad’s… sometimes. Michael has a dentist appointment and will be picked up at 1pm today. Max missed the bus, so the nanny is driving him to camp. Sharon is going home with her cousin Stacy. Change is constant, and you need up-to-the-minute information to do your job. All these updates, absences, and exceptions comprise your Daily Passenger Update, a report that will soon be your best friend. #highfive

Where’s Melissa?

Ever lose track of a camper? Scary, right? Camps usually take attendance on the bus and again in groups to protect against this. But with lots of lists to cross-reference, it can take too long to figure out that Melissa wandered off and never made it to her group. Quickly scan in absent campers, immediately identify discrepancies, and find Melissa.

The Daily Passenger Update

Ever fall in love with a report? You’re about to. It’s been an unpredictable day, and it’s nearing dismissal. Time to meet your new best friend, the Daily Passenger Update. This game-changer consolidates all the day’s chaos into a clean and simple report — not only for the afternoon, but also for the following morning. You’re welcome, Travel Coordinator; you’re now a ninja.

Download Sample Passenger Report