Fundraising is an Art

Here’s the first sign you need support with expert fundraising tips: Mary calls the camp office and asks what cabin her son is in. Pat happily answers her question and politely ends the call. But what did Pat miss? Bet your Development Director would know. Mary gave a $2,000 donation last week, but that information lives in the donor database that Pat can’t access. Unfortunately for you, Pat didn’t say thank you, and Mary feels unappreciated. I wonder if she’ll give next time? Now you know you need expert fundraising help. 

Tracking gifts and pledges are part of any donor software, but CampMinder is the only fundraising system that understands who your donors are in relation to camp. When raising money, you must know who is writing the check, why she is giving, and how she relates to your camp. It’s simple: The better you know your donors, the more money you will raise. Thankfully, you don’t need to already be crushing it with bringing in money to benefit from our expert fundraising tips. 

Meet The UPR

Designed to give you a full view into your camp’s lifelong relationship with everyone in your community, the Unified Person Record brings you closer to your donors. Expert fundraising does not have to be difficult, and our software and tips can help you enhance camp management. 

Say Thank You. A Lot.

The moment you pull up her record, you’ll know Mary’s a donor. Thank her. Quickly access her giving history and see her many relationships with your camp: former camper, current parent, and mega-donor. Understanding who your donors are — and thanking them profusely — gets you closer to reaching your fundraising goal.

Keep It Simple

Do what works. You don’t need NASA’s mission control center to run your campaigns. Our system is based on best practices in the art of fundraising, and it’s simple to use. Create campaigns, track pledges, collect gifts, and say thank you. Focus on building lasting relationships with your donors, not on figuring out complex software.