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More Than Just Photo Sharing

Think kids are the only ones going to your camp? Nope. Their parents are there too, experiencing camp though the photos you post. Everyone wants to see summer photos from camp. Give them the world-class experience they deserve. Our elegant summer photo system employs the latest technology in web-based photo browsing — it’s fast, engaging, intuitive, and integrated with social media. But this is also about you…

Summer offers you a golden opportunity to get parents logging into their account on a daily basis. Why does this matter? Open re-enrollment earlier, and you’ll see. Your re-enrollment form — along with financial management, camp store, Forms Dashboard, and other functions — are all accessed through the same account. (Multiple logins for the same business is a no-no!) Now your summer photos system is helping you fill camp earlier.

Gorgeous Photos,
Beautiful Interface

Your camp looks beautiful, your staff are in their element, and your campers are having the times of their lives. You’re capturing these moments, right? How you share these moments makes all the difference. Our sleek, mobile-friendly interface rivals any photo browser out there. But this one’s camp-specific. It’s fast and secure, and it’s designed to help you tell your summer story.

We know how important it is that all your photo storage and sharing platforms work together. In our ongoing effort to help you develop seamless systems, the photo platform integrates with both Google Drive and Dropbox.

Safe, Secure, And Fun Communication

It’s a hot topic right now, but for many, camp is a device-free zone. Parents, however, love their technology, and they want to use it to easily communicate with their campers. Parents send secure one-way emails to their campers through their online accounts; they arrive pre-sorted by cabin and ready to print. Our eLetter system lets campers write hand-written responses that are delivered as PDFs directly to their parents.

Online Community

One-Way Emails

A Living, Breathing Archive

Years pass, summers fade, and children grow. Photos are a powerful tool that invite parents to participate in the experience of camp. But they’re more than that. They’re moments captured in time; your history. As you post these photos for parents to enjoy, know that they will remain available for today’s campers when they drop their children off for the first time thirty years from now. Who are we to erase history?