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At CampMinder, we’re committed to creating a culture where work is fulfilling—for everyone.

Because we value differences, we intentionally pursue equity and inclusion throughout our company. We take part in ongoing learning, set measurable goals, and engage with a diversity of individuals, experiences, and ideas.


These are the principles and ideas that guide our work to create a culture of belonging at CampMinder.

Leadership Commitment & Accountability

Ensure company leaders are bought-in and accountable to DEI goals.

Education, Training, & Continuous Learning

Build a level of skill and understanding
across the organization.

Communication, Belonging, & Engagement

Use a DEI lens to examine and improve the employee experience.

Policies &

Ensure our policies and practices meet the needs of a diverse team.

Data, Goals, &

Leverage data, set specific goals and targets, and openly report on our progress.

Advocacy &

Collaborate and use our resources and influence to support partners that are committed to DEI work.

Our Initiatives

Track and measure progress toward all DEI goals

Identify the metrics we will use to measure the success of our DEI efforts (including targets for each), and track our progress on an ongoing basis.

Implement DEI best practices in recruiting, hiring, and onboarding

Continuously evaluate and improve our recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes. This includes steps such as posting jobs on sites more likely to attract a diverse applicant pool, and using inclusive hiring language and practices.

Develop a system for staff feedback

Survey existing employees about how well the company is supporting its DEI Mission. Track and report on this metric alongside other employee engagement metrics.

Cultivate a culture of participation

Implement strategies to promote broad conversation and engagement with DEI topics.Develop official pronoun and inclusive language policies.

Create an inclusive variety, cadence, and quality of events and meetings

Conduct an evaluation of our team members’ desired frequency and variety for social engagements. Organize a social committee representing a cross-section of roles and functions. Draft a company social calendar of events that accounts for various needs and preferences.

Implement a vendor and contractor review process and policy

Create a process and policy to evaluate vendors and contractors for DEI alignment, prioritizing those who meet these criteria.

Provide resources and learning opportunities

Curate and share books, podcasts, audio books, webinars, and more for staff to explore. Provide a variety of resources to acknowledge that we are all at different stages in this learning and process.

Review our mission, pillars, and initiatives with an expert

Work with a consultant to ensure we are on the right track with our process for creating our mission, pillars, goals, and metrics.

If an inclusive culture matters to you as much as it does to us, you might want to join our team.

We’re actively taking steps to make sure our culture is inclusive and that our processes and practices promote equity for all, including people of color, people from working-class backgrounds, women, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. We welcome and encourage applications from people with these identities or members of other marginalized groups.