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Top four reasons our engineers choose to work at CampMinder

  1. The collaborative, fun, and caring people we get to work with. 
  2. The meaningful product we deliver and the great camps we serve. 
  3. The complex engineering challenges we creatively solve together. 
  4. The values-led, transparent, and engaging company culture.

If you’re like us, you're probably someone who…

  • Wants to add real value to a software company
  • Cares about working with team that is caring, dedicated, smart, efficient, fun, transparent, and collaborative
  • Appreciates being involved in important discussions 
  • Is comfortable challenging the status quo 
  • Revels in solving difficult problems
  • Enjoys wearing many hats to deliver value on various aspects of a large-scale web SaaS application
  • Is motivated to identify, learn, and use the right tools
  • Truly identifies with our six core values

Our Core Values

Put Team First
Own It
Be Admirable
Find a Better Way
Give Joy

Our software helps our camp clients
streamline their business operations

We design and build software for an industry that enables meaningful experiences for kids.  Camps use our software to streamline their business operations so they can spend their time creating programs that enable kids to get outdoors, connect with each other, and learn important life lessons and skills.

Tenets of our process and workflow

  • We subscribe to Agile processes and work in two-week sprints
  • Quarterly planning session (PI Steering) with company stakeholders to align on product and engineering direction 
  • Pair-programing as often as needed/wanted 
  • Close collaboration with members of our QA and Product team throughout SDLC


We identify as Software Engineers/Technologists who learn and apply the right tools for every single job instead of just aligning with “[some technology] developer.”

Core (legacy) stack (95% code)

C#/.NET 4.7.2 n-tier architecture with integrated caching (nCache). Web front-ends are a combination of server-side ASP.NET pages and a proprietary JavaScript UI and service framework.

Microservice stack (5% code)

Tightly constrained domain-driven services written in Golang, live in Kubernetes, and use GRPC and AMQP (RabbitMQ) for service-to-service communication.

Both stacks (100% code)

Use the same MS SQL Server instance(s). The whole platform is in Azure Cloud.


We are modernizing our legacy cloud static target VMs for apps and services into more dynamic deployment targets. We’re improving DevOps automation and operational observability.


We are working to continuously improve and modernize our existing platform, while simultaneously adding new features to more users.

Test Engineer / QA

We're setting up a new automation framework for our core product that will work alongside our manual QAs and allow us to increase our release quality.

Team Metrics

on the team
Work some or
all remote

Our Commitment to Employee Engagement and Client Satisfaction

Outside Magazine

Best Places to Work in America, 5 years in a row

Built In Colorado

Best Small Companies to Work for in Colorado, 3 years in a row 

NPS Score

53 – anything above 50 is excellent!

Campanion App Rating

4.9 stars from more than 6,000 reviews

say hello to some team members


I’m the go-to person for anything unresolved in CampMinder Engineering. I consider the people I work with more than just employees. I work here because of the value I add and the people I work with. Time with CampMinder: 4 years


I’m the go-to person for leading and coaching our engineering teams for Campanion and Payments. I’ve been leading engineering teams for a long time, and I think I’m finally getting pretty good at it. Time with CampMinder: 1 year


I’m the go-to person for everything regarding the Core product and Core architecture. Solving an obscure Core bug for me is like solving some detective mystery—it gives me great satisfaction. Time with CampMinder: 11 years


I’m the go-to person for the random pieces of system knowledge you’re hoping someone remembers from a story we did three years ago. I’m a QA Engineer who loves my dachshund, bagels, and keeping our system functionality up and running. Time with CampMinder: 6 years


I’m the go-to person for anything related to Angular, Node, or Group Event Management. I’m an experienced dev (read: old) that loves working with people who are smarter than me, a resource in abundant supply at CampMinder. Time with CampMinder: 1 year


I’m the go-to person for Core System builds and pipelines, DevMinderCLI, Azure DevOps, Terraform and strong opinions on code quality. My goal is to empower our developers using automation and DevOps practices. Time with CampMinder: 2 years


I’m the go-to person for all things cloud-relatedI like good DevOps principals in the workplace, fly fishing and music. Working on this product gives me personal job satisfaction and seeing the direct benefit to customers is nice. Time at CampMinder: 1 year


I’m the go-to person for end-to-end automated tests on our core product. I’m an automation writer by week and a picture-taker by weekend. I choose to work at CM because I love being part of a tight-knit team ensuring our users have a quality experience. Time with CampMinder: 1 year


I’m the go-to person for Sendgrid, CM Desktop, a smile, and some joy. I have worked on almost every facet of the engineering team, continue to learn and grow almost daily, and want people to do the best that they possibly can. Time at CampMinder: 5 years

Let's Build Something Great Together