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Questions about Program Protector coverage?

You're in the right place! Welcome to the Program Protector FAQ.


Your camp will be able to offer two Plans for the 2022 season: the Standard Plan, which includes Trip Cancellation coverage for specified reasons, and the Enhanced Plan, which includes both Trip Cancellation and Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) coverage. This Enhanced Plan (including CFAR) has updated terms and conditions in 2022, detailed below.

We are pleased to announce that Cancel For Any Reason (except for NY residents) will be included with the Enhanced Plan that you may offer to your campers for the 2022 season. 

The following frequently asked questions have been prepared by Trip Mate, the Producer and Administrator for the Plans. Read the FAQ below, and please reach out any time to let us know if we can help!

What is Program Protector?

Program Protector is a travel protection plan that parents can buy through their camp application to protect their children who participate in CampMinder programs.

Does Program Protector cover the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

COVID-19 is treated the same as any other sickness for purposes of all coverages that are triggered by a sickness or that can reimburse losses resulting from a sickness – including deaths caused by sickness. For more detailed information, please review the information at

How do the standard and enhanced plans work?

You may offer two plans on behalf of Trip Mate: Standard Plan and Enhanced Plan.

The Standard Plan is intended for families that are concerned that a child may become ill and not be able to travel to camp, or who may become ill during an extended camp stay. It does not include a Cancel For Any Reason benefit.

The Enhanced Plan includes a Cancel For Any Reason benefit (when conditions are met). The Cancel for Any Reason Benefit is described in more detail below.


If an insured cancels his/her program for any reason not otherwise covered by the Plan, benefits will be paid for 75% of the Prepaid, forfeited, non-refundable Payments or Deposits the insured paid for the program, provided:

  1. The insured’s payment for this Plan is received within 20 days of the date his/her initial payment or deposit for the program is received;
  2. The insured cancels the program two (2) days or more before his/her scheduled program departure date.

These benefits will not duplicate any other benefits payable under the Plan or any coverage(s) attached to the Plan.

Additional criteria to note:

  • Program Protector is only available to campers residing in the United States. 
  • The Enhanced Plan is not available to families residing in the state of New York. 
  • The Standard Plan is available in all states 

Important note: Trip Cancellations solely due to fear of Covid-19 (including Trip Cancellations due to World Health Organization warnings and State Department Travel Advisories) are not covered under any travel protection plan, unless Cancel For Any Reason coverage was purchased. If parents want to keep their children home out of an abundance of caution, the Standard Plan will not reimburse registration fees.  Rather, the Enhanced Plan with Cancel For Any Reason coverage would be needed.

Can our camp reimburse families for the 25% that is not covered under the 75% Cancel For Any Reason coverage?

Camps are permitted to provide a 25% voucher (future camp credit) to help compensate campers for their losses.  However, this 25% voucher must be provided to both insured and non-insured campers. This accommodation is not considered insurance and is separate from either travel protection plan.

Can our camp have different penalties based on if families choose Program Protector or not?

No, all families whether insured or non-insured must be treated the same by the camp.

How Do Camps Enable Program Protector?

There is no cost to the camps to enable the program, and fees are paid directly to Trip Mate by the parents who sign up for the program. 

There are three ways to apply for coverage: 

  1. Submit application through System>Admin>Program Protector Signup 
  2. Submit application via our Program Protector website at 
  3. Call us at 303-444-2267 (select option #4). We’re happy to help and answer any questions!

My campers are already enrolled for 2022. Can they still buy Program Protector?

Yes, parents who have already registered their children are still eligible to purchase Program Protector under the guidelines listed above. Please note, parents must elect to purchase the Enhanced Plan within 20 days of initial enrollment for Cancel For Any Reason coverage to be in effect.

If parents have signed up for the Standard Plan, can they upgrade to the Enhanced Plan, which features the Cancel for Any Reason benefit before the season starts?

Yes, if the parent is within the free-look period to cancel the Standard Plan and within 20 days of the date that the first cash payment or deposit towards the Originally Scheduled Trip was received.

Is a program purchased with future travel credits, certificates and/or vouchers (FTCs) able to be protected with a Program Protector Plan?

Yes, but only if the FTCs used to pay for the program originated from a cash transaction.

Please note that some features in our Plans are only available if a Plan is purchased by a certain date. These are referred to as “Time-Sensitive Benefits.” Examples of Time-Sensitive Benefits include (but are not necessarily limited to) Cancel for Any Reason coverage and the Waiver of the Exclusion for Pre-Existing Conditions. 

For purposes of calculating a person’s eligibility for Time-Sensitive Benefits, the following rules apply:

  • In the Enhanced Plan, the date that the prospective insured’s “initial Payment or Deposit for Your Program is received” is considered to be the date that the prospective insured’s first cash payment or deposit towards the Originally Scheduled Program was received. It is not the date when FTCs were first applied towards the New Program.  Considering this, the Enhanced Plan cannot be purchased to cover the portion of a program paid for with FTCs. 
  • In both Plans (Standard Plan and Enhanced Plan), the prospective insured’s “final Payment for Your Program” is considered to be the date the last cash payment for the Originally Scheduled Program was made by the prospective insured. It is not the final date that a payment was made for the New Program. 

Key Terms:

Originally Scheduled Program – A previous program that the prospective insured was scheduled to take and for which the prospective insured was issued FTCs due to missing this trip in-whole or in-part. This is NOT the program the prospective insured is currently seeking to protect with a Travel Protection Plan.

New Program – The program the prospective insured now wants to insure, which is being purchased using FTCs.


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