Protect your campers. Protect your camp.

Program Protector is a tuition protection plan that helps protect a parent’s investment in camp and shields your organization from lost revenue through a third-party insurance program.

You make every effort to build a memorable camp experience, and you want everyone make it to camp. Unexpected events, however, can affect even the most carefully planned program.

Do you dread camper cancellations?

Enabling one of our exclusive Program Protector plans for your camp applications may help avoid last-minute refund conversation with parents. Offering the plan gives the parent an opportunity to protect their investment – which helps protect your revenue at the same time.

Cancellations happen to all camps, but that doesn’t have to put a damper on your relationships with your parents — or your bottom line.

Why Should You Enable Program Protector?

Prepare For The Unexpected

Accidents happen. Plans can unexpectedly change. Give your parents the opportunity to enroll their camper without a second thought.

Protect Your Revenue

When campers cancel, your bottom line can start to shrink right before your eyes. Enable Program Protector to help keep your revenue - and save your bottom line.


You don't need to lift a finger to integrate Program Protector; it's already built into your CampMinder online application. Just say the word, and we'll turn it on.

Cancel For Any Reason

With Program Protector, you can even offer your parents a 'cancel for any reason' option - making it that much easier for them to jump in and go for it.

Low Cost/No Cost

Enabling Program Protector is free for you. Your parents pay a fee based on their child's tuition.

Completely Optional

Program Protector is completely optional. For parents who want the option, it's there! And for those who don't, they glide right past it.

By the Numbers…


CampMinder Camps That Have Enabled Program Protector


Refunds paid...but not by the camp.


Number of Parents Who Have Elected Coverage Through Program Protector

Within the first 2 months of enabling Program Protector, our camp saved $60,000 in revenue that would have been lost through campers that needed to cancel. The best part? We didn't have to have the tough conversation with parents about their tuition refund. It was all painless, and a win for everyone. Thank you, CampMinder!

Kamren JohnsonMountain Camp | Pollock Pines, CA


We proudly help shield camp after camp from lost revenue, all while protecting their parents’ investments in camp.

Enable Program Protector Today

Already a CampMinder Client and ready to enable? Click ‘Sign Me Up,’ fill out the app, and we’ll get the program up and running before you can say ‘lickety-split.’ Need more information? No problem! Click ‘Learn More’ and let us know how we can help!