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Buckle up!

Welcome to the 2019 CampMinder Summer Webinar Series! Below are our offerings to help you and your team feel prepared for summer. From CampMinder basics for your summer staffers and recording disbursed medications, to tracking down those pesky overdue forms, we’re here to make sure you start the summer with your best foot forward.

Webinar Series # 1:


If you are seeking an overview of the CampMinder medical system before campers start showing up at camp, you’ve come to the right place! We will spend time covering how to review medical forms, how to run medical reports, and how to take advantage of our Health Center to record treatments and medical disbursements. This will be a great session for those who know the basics of CampMinder but would like an overview of what our medical system has to offer.

Webinar Series # 2:

Reviewing Forms and Locating Missing Forms

As we get closer and closer to the start of camp we get closer and closer to form due dates. Join this webinar to get the best tips and tools you can utilize in CampMinder to track down those missing forms. We’ll spend time reviewing the best filters and fields to use in communication and we’ll look at how to review or print the forms you already have received.

Webinar Series # 3:

CampMinder 101

If you are new to the CampMinder system or use our system seasonally this is a great webinar for you! We’ll spend most of our time looking at the basics of navigating the CampMinder system. This will be an introductory training to review commonly used areas of the system like reporting, communication and camper records as well as some must know information like how to log in, how to search for a camper and more!

Want More?

We're here to help!'re here to help! You can request a session topic and we'll be sure to cover it in the next Webinar Series. And if you want answers NOW! We've created exactly 256 training videos to cover every facet of the CampMinder system, and all you need to do is click below, login, and then watch CampMinder Cinema to your heart's content.