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Most people are just shopping for summer camp management software…

But you’re different. You expect more. You’re looking for a knowledgeable team that cares – and is obsessed with supporting you and your camp. A company that has learned from the summer camp industry and its leaders. The one that’s trusted by the best of the best. You’re tired of shopping for summer camp management software, and that’s why you’re here.


Cabin & Group Assignments

Collect bunk or cabin requests and efficiently organize your campers and staff into groups or cabins.

Transportation & Attendance

Whether you’re a day camp or a resident camp, transportation is a logistical challenge. We’ve got your back.

Unified Person Record

The UPR is the most significant technological advancement for camps since the walkie-talkie.

Online Community

Post photos, videos, and news and provide messaging tools for parents — all from their accounts.

Integrated Health Care

Easy access to all the health data you need plus custom reporting.

Reinventing the parent experience...again.

Campanion is a mobile app that puts the adventure of camp at your parents’ fingertips. Through Face Finder, Microposts, Photos, Letters and a personalized stream of content, Campanion connects parents to camp like never before.

Campanion will soon become the one-stop-shop for how your parents interact with your camp on all levels – from mobile registration, forms, payments, and more. Your parents want to be mobile… and we’re giving them that freedom!

Don’t You Deserve to Feel Like This?

Kamren JohnsonMountain Camp | Pollock Pines, CA

We have been with CampMinder for a long time and I always appreciate your willingness to listen to your customers, to communicate well and with transparency and to be constantly improving. I know that you have a rough job in dealing with so many variables and I'm very impressed with the changes always being made.

Jackie BrethelOdyssey Teen Camp | Holmes, NY

I always recommend CampMinder to people! I couldn't imagine running my camp without it. I have been using CampMinder since 2005, and have loved seeing the evolution of the product and the company. I feel like when I have an issue or a suggestion it is taken seriously, I value the professional and personal relationships I have made with the CM crew, and you guys are just great.

Jen GilletBrant Lake Camp | Brant Lake, NY

We've been lucky enough to have used CampMinder for the past 13 summers. I use CampMinder on a daily basis both during the camp season and in the off season. Their customer support is not to be matched and their product is top notch. They are always looking for ways to improve CampMinder to meet our needs. With every update they make, I feel like they have our camp in mind. CampMinder allows camp staff and directors to focus on the program and care of campers.

Rebecca SmithStrong Rock Camp | Cleveland, GA

Customer Service is HUGE and I love that your client support team are not only efficient, but are so friendly. I also love the fact that they can communicate with a technologically challenged person like me without making me feel inadequate, stupid or a bother.

Mike DouglassCamp Bishopswood

I've said it a bunch. It is like having an extra employee who never asks for a day off, or calls in sick.

A World Where Work Is Fulfilling And Life Is Fun

At a time when software might seem like just another commodity, you’ll feel the difference working with CampMinder. We’re an engaged team that takes pride in not only meeting all your camp management software needs, but also helping you improve all facets of what you do.

Our work is meaningful to us. We care. That’s why, on average, our clients have grown their revenue by 46%. It’s the reason we have virtually zero attrition. And it’s why word of mouth has fueled our steady growth for more than 16 years.

When everyone’s work really matters to them, everyone wins.

Running camp is about more than software

It’s about community. And learning from others who have gone before you. Plug into the CampMinder blog and learn how to run your camp with the knowledge, tools, and business savvy to help you reach your goals.

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