The do-it-all platform for do-it-all people

We all know that a Registrar’s role goes far beyond registration. You fulfill many roles, all year round, and Campminder is built to be your best bud through them all. Enrollment is easier, transportation smoother, and overall operations more streamlined. And, most importantly, the tech is so savvy that you actually don’t have to be tech-savvy to use it. You’ll pick it up in no time, and then it’ll save you tons of time.

Registration and Forms

Families get to register easily from their devices, leaving a positive first impression. And you get all your forms in one organized place.

  • Personalize pricing and any specific information needed
  • Automate the whole registration process once you set it up
  • Collect and track payments all within your enrollment hub
  • Distribute important camper info across departments instantly
Screenshot detailing the registration and forms.

Emails and Text Messages

Tools to keep everyone totally in the loop, up to date, and confident in your camp.

  • Send visually engaging and secure emails with templates 
  • Integrate with camp data to send specific messages to campers, parents, staff, and alumni
  • Connect with API to set up automated messages 
  • Send timely texts about transportation updates and more
Screenshot detailing the emails and text messaging.

Transportation & Attendance

A robust transportation planner covers every detail and sets you up to be ready for any surprise.

  • Drag and drop details around buses, routes, schedules, shuttles and more
  • Keep constant track with mobile attendance check-ins
  • Create an automatic, detailed report for each camper every day
Screenshot detailing the transportation attendance.

Complete Staffing and HR System

Your title may not be Human Resource Manager, but you still manage some human resources. Campminder helps you handle it like a pro.

  • Receive online applications that trigger automatic reference checks
  • Filter details to find your most qualified applicants
  • Track and report on your payroll, bonuses, and other finances
  • Onboard every person to their specific role
Screenshot detailing the complete staffing and HR.

You wear many hats.
We make them all fit.