One streamlined system for one safe camp

The almighty health heroes of your camp have one of the most important jobs around: keeping the campers safe and sick-free. Our motto? More data, less problems. Campminder organizes and integrates all camper health information, so camp nurses are always confident and prepared.

Integrated Health Center

A full set of tools that puts all crucial camper information at the fingertips of everyone that needs it most.

  • Compiles all form data into one Unified Person Record
  • Distributes allergy and health info across all camp departments
  • Generates secure logs and reports for cross-camp visibility
  • Enables inclusive, holistic care that helps you meet all physical and mental health needs
Integrated with eMAR
Electronic Medical Administration Records (eMAR) make it much easier for you to adhere to medication distribution requirements.
Connected across camp
Health and medication information is automatically included in other operations data, like transportation and attendance.

Have a handle on it all.