HR, but Summer Camp specific.

Hiring the right people is paramount to providing the best possible experience for your campers. But it can be quite a process if you don’t have a good system in place. Meet your good system.

Set up mobile-friendly applications. Receive them, run reference checks and background checks, filter your candidates for easy decisions…and that’s just the recruitment part. Hiring, onboarding and managing are covered, too. International staff? Full time, seasonal and otherwise? Check, check, check.

Digitized paperwork
Applications, tax info, contracts, and payroll are all stored in—and shared from—one secure place.
Instant references
References are automatically sent a form as soon as someone applies. Staff, checked out. Time, saved.
Integrated payroll data
With all your financial data compiled into one place, we make it easy to follow the money and know where it goes.
Simplified onboarding
Assign the right people to the right cabins and specialty areas of your camp. All in a few clicks.

Camp staffing from start to finish

Finding the right new team members every summer is no easy feat. With one modern staffing solution, we’re here to help you handle it like a pro.