Campminder Unified Person Record

All-in-One Insight: Diverse Data Brought Together

The summer camp business thrives on relationships. The Unified Person Record (UPR) simplifies the management of these connections, essential for tailored experiences in each person’s camp journey. This tool helps you serve campers, families, staff, alumni, and vendors.

The UPR consolidates vital data about how individuals interact with your camp at different stages. This organization of contact data enables a deeper comprehension of your community, establishing a foundation for future success.

A Single Source for Contact Data
Manage your data efficiently without the need to sync diverse data sources.
Multi-Role Clarity
Color-coded tiles allow you to accurately identify varied individual roles within your camp.
Lifelong Engagement Mapping
Foster relationships with campers, families, alumni, and donors, and track their journeys over time.
Connected Tech
Native and custom applications can be built on top of the UPR using the Campminder API.

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