Phone screen detailing transportation reports.

Safe and smooth transportation. Seriously.

It may sound too good to be true, but Campminder alleviates so much of your travel and attendance headaches, for both day and sleepaway camps. When kids are coming from here, going to there, being picked up by this grownup, dropped off by another, and need to avoid peanut snacks along the way — you can ensure families that you have it covered. All while prioritizing the safety of your campers and staff at every stop.

Controlled by you
Compile your buses, routes, stops, shuttles and schedules. Add any nuances. The system is flexible, so every detail is doable.
Linked with attendance
Every kid needs to be accounted for. Attendance check-ins built in to your travel plan help keep meticulous track of everyone.
Updated in real time
The Daily Passenger Update creates a clean report with each camper’s info for the afternoon and following day.
Managed on mobile
Get time-sensitive information directly to your staff. Check-ins, medical forms, route changes — everything is on the Campanion app.

Top day camps trust Campminder. Because they helped us build it.