Better business makes for better camps

Here at Campminder, we understand that while your camp brings joy and fun to peoples’ lives, it is also your business. One that needs to operate smoothly and efficiently. To the unsung heroes of camp accounting, we hear you. Campminder helps you do your job diligently and gives you the tools to see more business success year after year.

Online Enrollment and Payments

Accounts receivable is so last summer. Our online, mobile-friendly registration and forms make it easy to collect on-time payments and reconcile bank accounts.

  • Set up personalized pricing and payment methods
  • Collect and track payments all within your enrollment hub
  • Connect directly with comprehensive reports
  • Control online transactions with one single solution
Screenshot detailing the online enrollment.

Simple Self-Serve Reporting

Present trends and findings with visual reports from pre-made templates or custom layouts.

  • Automatically pull in comprehensive camp data
  • Optimize your templates over time to work with your business
  • API distributes report data instantly to other departments
Screenshot detailing the reporting.

API Integrations

Get the information you need, when you need it, without having to spend time searching.

  • See comprehensive camp data always updated in real time
  • Integrate marketing data for financial forecasting
  • Trust in our always-evolving, industry-leading SaaS technology

The bottom line is, your camp deserves better tech.