Case Study: Camps Airy & Louise

Integral Integration:
Syncing Data Smoothly with the Campminder API

Camps Airy and Louise, located in the Catoctin Mountains of western Maryland, are known for their dynamic activities and strong community values and have been shaping young lives with memorable summer experiences since the 1920s.

Scott Black, the Director of Operations of both camps, has been a Campminder admin since 2015. He implemented to two innovative uses of the Campminder API for camper enrollment and staffing. The API benefits his capacity, his team, his customers, and his bottom line.

A desktop computer showing a camper enrollment report generated by the Campminder API

At Camps Airy and Louise, the task of updating camper enrollments was challenging because Scott supports two different assistant directors for two separate camps, each of whom needs enrollment data at a moment’s notice. Not to mention an atypical group and bunk structure.

The game changed when Scott introduced an automated system that syncs enrollment data from Campminder directly into a shared Google spreadsheet using the Campminder API.

This gives both camps’ leaders access to recruitment queries like never before, and dramatically improves communication with camper families. Everyone on Scott’s teams knows how many campers are in each session and how many are on the waitlist. There’s no more lag time, and Scott has more time to manage other high-level tasks.

Each year, the camps’ assistant directors go abroad to hire international staff at camp hiring fairs. From across the ocean, Scott had to be ready to run staffing reports to make sure his team could recruit the right people for the right roles.

If you miss a beat at these fairs, another camp is sure to scoop up that potential counselor or instructor, and hiring is too much of a challenge to risk losing a prospect because you’re waiting for up-to-date staffing data.

With API automation, everyone involved has access to a Google spreadsheet that lists all staff roles and open slots. No one has to wait for Scott to tell them which jobs are still up for grabs. The result is a smoother, quicker hiring process, ensuring the camps have the right mix of talented staff.

A laptop screen showing a staffing report generated by the Campminder API
A laptop screen showing code generated by ChatGPT to use with the Campminder API

With the advent of tools such as ChatGPT, the realm of building integrations is no longer exclusive to developers. Armed with a basic understanding of code interactions, anyone can leverage artificial intelligence to generate customizable scripts. 

Scott generated a script using ChatGPT and then swapped in Campminder’s API endpoint URLs. This connected his google sheets to the associated Campminder reports and allows Scott to modify bits and pieces to fit the custom needs of Camps Airy and Louise.

In a Nutshell

Enhanced Efficiency
Scott said farewell to manual report generation and has unlocked new levels of operational freedom. He and his team can now focus more on what truly matters—enriching the camp experience.
Smarter Staffing
With live updates at their fingertips, Scott’s assistant directors can now make staffing decisions with newfound precision and foresight, particularly during the bustling recruitment seasons.
A little help from AI
The use of ChatGPT in the setup of the API exemplifies how artificial intelligence can help with coding processes. This makes the feature accessible and for non-developers like Scott.
Improved Communication
The transformation has not just been internal; it’s rippled out to improve interactions with parents, enhancing trust and transparency in the Camps Airy & Louise community.
Kids using phones outside
The journey of Camps Airy and Louise with API integration, boosted by the innovative use of ChatGPT, set a new standard. This story isn’t just about technology; it’s about innovation and progress in creating unforgettable summer experiences.

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