Case Study: Pierce Country Day Camp

More Than Photos:
Campanion Delivers the Full Camp Experience

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Pierce Country Day Camp is America’s first day camp, founded in 1918. A family-owned camp with 1,250 campers, they’ve used several photo-sharing tools over the years.

They’ve found what they need with Campanion because it does that and so much more. They love the mobile-optimized features, the facial recognition, and the Microposts.

Pierce is well-known throughout the camp industry, and Campanion helps them maintain the level of customer service that has kept the camp in business for more than a century.

Campanion mobile app screen to upload forms alongside with a sample medical form on top

After Pierce enabled forms, the collection process became much easier. They chase down far fewer parents in the week before camp because a higher percentage of forms come in on time. They’ve also seen enrollment success now that parents can sign up their kids from their phones. With Campanion, early registration is at numbers they had not seen in a decade or two.

Will Pierce, the camp’s director, has only good things to say. “We rolled out Campanion and people were thrilled. At the end of the day our kids are our most important clients and our parents are our second most important clients. Campanion is the most seamless way to share photos and collect forms while running a camp program. It’s the best tool we’ve used.”

Each day, Pierce’s photographers take around 750 photos, which they upload the same day. They have a morning upload time, one during lunch, and a final one at the end of the day during dismissal. This approach helps parents see the magic of camp as it unfolds each day. “We want to show parents what’s actually going on at camp.”

The daily delivery of photos has an added benefit when summer comes to an end. At the close of a session, parents can look through their whole collection of tagged photos and see their child’s entire experience from beginning to end. A handful of photos a day adds up and this bigger picture creates more touch points to deepen and strengthen parent engagement.

Two summer campers on a rope course in trees with helmets on

At the end of each summer, Pierce’s team gets thank you notes from parents that often include attachments of photos they downloaded from Campanion. “Parents’ need for validation isn’t going away. If we’re going to represent what campers do each day, we want to do it in the best possible way.”

Pierce rolls the cost of Campanion into their tuition. For them, it’s about investing in a high-quality system that has countless benefits, which they want all parents to enjoy. “In the end, Campanion is part of the service we are providing. Just like transportation and laundry. That’s my mindset.”

Word on the Street

Like a Warm Blanket
“In this day and age, sending kids home happy and tired doesn’t cut it. Parents want to see what their kids are doing, and Campanion brings an element of comfort that they need.”
Forms and More Forms
In 2022, almost 2,000 forms were downloaded, all of which led to a parent review average of 4.6 stars.
Social Strategy
Their team repurposes content into Microposts to reach parents no matter where they look for information.
Hashtag No Filter
The photo team is responsible for quality checking but they don’t edit or add filters. “We want to show parents what’s actually going on at camp.”
For Pierce Country Day Camp, the ability to seamlessly share photos and stories is an easy way to reinforce why camp is so important. “Campanion helps us deliver constant reminders that campers are having great experiences.”

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