Case Study: YMCA of Metro Atlanta Camp High Harbour

Transforming Camp Operations:
The All-in-One Solution

Before they joined the Campminder community, the team at YMCA of Metro Atlanta Camp High Harbour faced significant operational challenges.

They dealt with system crashes due to high registration volumes and a cumbersome, manual process for camper placement. They had to manually place each camper (more than 2,000 total!) into sessions and cabins using a pen-and-paper system.

What they needed was a tool that would allow them to streamline camp operations, enhance communication with families, and improve efficiency and productivity.

They’re now on a path to greater success with the Campminder Professional Suite.

A camper at YMCA Camp High Harbour on the ropes course

The experiences of the YMCA of Metro Atlanta team and their customers are dramatically improved because Campminder is a single system. The big features like registration and communication make everything easier, and they’re equally thrilled that they now have a centralized system for payments and bunk assignments.

These tools have led to significant time savings and reduced complexity. Staff have more time to focus on creating memorable experiences for campers and sharing the values that make YMCA camps so special.

“Reports are much easier!” Camp High Harbour staff can quickly pull rosters to use for check-in and check-out that include all of the correct information. Including authorized grown-ups, which forms are missing, and cabin assignments. The ease of running reports, and the accessibility of support articles and videos, is helpful since their staff often have new roles from summer to summer and the time to train them is limited.

Evaluations of Camp High Harbour staff are kept on custom forms in Campminder. This allows decision-makers to easily access them when they make hiring decisions for the each upcoming summer, and means they don’t need to worry about information loss regarding staff performance. 

Letter detailing camp day

“Before switching to Campanion, we were using a different platform for camper emails. Emails would constantly go to the wrong cabin because parents selected the incorrect one to email. With Camp Stamps being connected to our bunking system, it has erased that problem!” The Professional Suite is the complete package.

The YMCA of Metro Atlanta team no longer has to swap between separate systems for registration, forms, communicating with parents, camper photos, or the camp store. “Parents love it. They register, complete all forms and paperwork, and receive and send communication and photos all in one place!”

There’s even more!

Dream Team
“Customer support has always been very helpful and timely in their responses! They sound like they enjoy their jobs and are happy to help!”
Training Wheels
Camp High Harbour leaders encourage seasonal staff to use help videos. They’re ready to answer a few questions instead of teaching multiple people the entirety of the Campminder system before summer.
What’s in Store
“Now that our camp store is in Campminder, parents know when their camper’s balance dips and can add funds mid-week. Parents get more information and we get an increase in in-store revenue.”
Rolling Rollout
The team needed to sort waitlists by grade and gender. They submitted this request. With this feature now in-hand, staff can give parents better information about their campers.
kids jumping in picture from summer camp mobile app
YMCA of Metro Atlanta Camp High Harbour is one of many YMCA camps that are thriving with the Campminder Professional Suite. They have the tools they need from a company that understands their mission.

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Campminder is priced at scale. Whether you’re caring for 100 campers or 5,000, we’ve got you covered.