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You’d Better Get It Right

“Please put Johnny with George, but not Louis.” “Suzie would like to be with Alice, as long as Alice isn’t with Lucy. Otherwise, she wants to be with Ellen.” “Jeffrey is new to camp, and he would like to be with other fun boys from the Baltimore area.” “Jessica enjoyed being with Lisa and Josie last year, but she wants to see if she likes Jamie’s bunk this year.”

If you’re stuck with cabin group assignments, read on!

When we set out to help our clients with their cabin and group assignments, we did so knowing that this is something that can’t be automated. We understand the care that goes into this, and it typically involves moving people around and around until it’s just right. This process has worked for decades, and it’s often based on feel. We don’t want to change things, just make them easier. We know that cabin group assignments are a common pain point for so many, and when you have an organized system to capture information and provide outputs, your chances of success are much higher. 

Find Out What They Want

The Bunk Request Form is an old CampMinder favorite. Simple and to the point. Who does Suzie want to bunk with? Who doesn’t she want to bunk with? Does she have any counselor requests? Get the info you care about, and then put it to use like never before. Cabin group assignments don’t have to be difficult. For too many camp managers, however, this process gets overwhelming and feels like solving a puzzle. Thankfully, cabin group assignments can be much easier and can help you meet as many camper needs as possible. At CampMinder, we know this is a common challenge for camp directors, so we have made the process as streamlined as possible. 

The Digital Delaney Book

Ever heard of a Delaney Book? If not, look it up. It’s a great organizational tool that schools and camps have used for decades. We took it into the digital age with an intuitive user interface, so you can have a cleaner desk.

Report Like A Champ

Use rich photos and detailed camper profiles to create cabin and group reports that reflect the information that truly matters.