Things Just Got Real

Great! You received Johnny’s health form. Now, what are you going to do with it? Maybe you put it in a binder, or it sits in a separate database? That information better be tied to your bus list, because Johnny just got stung by a bee, and he’s having an anaphylactic reaction.

Look, this is scary stuff, and nobody likes to talk about it. But it’s real, and you need to be prepared. You have thousands of details to track, and Johnny’s bus counselor doesn’t have a minute to spare. Does your health system integrate with every aspect of your business?

The Modern Day Health Center

How today’s leading camps protect their communities.

1. Gathering Information

Mom submits Johnny’s Health History Form through her online Forms Dashboard. Meanwhile, the doctor’s office faxes his signed examination and immunization forms directly into Johnny’s Unified Person Record.

The Simple 7-Step Process:

2. Health Center

The Health Center application lets you securely track logs, treatments, and medication disbursements. Customize the output of health information with flexible reporting and document generation tools.

3. Daily Operations

Health care doesn’t stop at the infirmary. Empower your cabin, group, transportation, and kitchen staff with the critical information they need to care for your community. CampMinder’s health care system integrates with every aspect of your operation.