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Many people think a company’s culture is defined by lighthearted moments in the office. Ping pong tables, happy hours, and nerf guns. We believe it goes much deeper than that. It is the blending of our values, our passions, and our purpose. At CampMinder, we are proud to celebrate our team culture and to help you bolster your own.

Our culture is defined by our core values and we’re committed to creating a workplace where everyone belongs. We believe in and care about what we do—and, just as important, how we go about doing it. Why does this matter? Because you deserve to know who you’re doing business with. CampMinder is not a product; it’s a culture.

If culture matters to you as much as it does to us, you might want to join our team.


Put Team First

With empathy and humility, we seek win-for-all solutions.

Own it

We drive for results with passion, grit, and determination. When faced with a challenge, we persevere.

Be Admirable

Honoring our word and choosing candor, respect, and kindness.


Seeking to understand with curiosity and vulnerability.

Find A Better Way

A culture of innovation and continuous improvement. Constantly seeking personal and professional growth.

Give Joy

Laugh. Be grateful, positive and hospitable. Make people feel good.


We’re an eclectic mix of artists, foodies, gamers, hipsters, musicians, readers, runners, skiers, dog owners, camp counselors, and all around adventurers.

Alisa became part of the CampMinder team in 2020, having previously worked for one of our amazing clients. Her positive experiences inspired her to join our staff and provide the same support to others. She grew up in Kansas, but has had many adventures beyond the flattest of states, including visiting the Great Wall of China and swimming with sharks. Alisa loves playing soccer and riding bikes, and her summers at Cheley Colorado Camps have guided her throughout her adult life. Hanging out with Alisa might include watching Goonies (her favorite movie) and eating condiments, which she would be happy to eat for all her meals if possible.

Fun fact: Alisa really enjoys the jokes on Laffy Taffy wrappers

Alisa VinZant

Senior Client Success Manager
Unlike a majority of the team, Allison traveled east to end up at CampMinder. Hailing from California, she loves sushi and puzzles. As a Product Manager, she enjoys partnering with the rest of the CampMinder team to ensure our camps have successful summers. While she doesn’t consider herself a collector, she has a sweet spot for fun socks.

Fun Fact: Allison's dog Holly, an office regular, won our annual Halloween contest dressed as a taco.

Allison Doering

Product Manager
Over the years working at camps, Amber has called many places home including California, Oklahoma, Texas, and Iowa. She now lives and works from Atlanta, and is the fearless and passionate leader of our Client Support team. When she’s not leading the charge at work you likely will find her out hiking, checking out a new brewery, or spending time with her family and friends. Amber, her wife, and their two kids consider themselves travelers and adventurers and they love to laugh. Amber’s favorite part about being a mom is seeing the way her kids light up when they have a new experience.

Fun Fact: Amber can wiggle her ears

Amber Knapp

Director of Client Support
Amy hails from Liverpool, better know as the home of the Beatles, and she now lives and works in Asheville, North Carolina. She has adventured far and wide, including to India, where she went on an epic hot air balloon ride. Amy is one of many ‘Minders who used our software as a counselor at Camp Friendship, and that firsthand experience is invaluable in her job supporting our clients. Amy loves rock climbing, is always on the hunt for perfect pizza, and is particularly proud of her small yet bountiful balcony garden. She loves hiking with her husband and dog, the latter of whom puts her to shame on the trails despite having tiny legs.

Strange but true: Amy loves cleaning

Amy Jackson

Client Support Representative III
Since her days as an editor of her high school newspaper in Iowa, Analiese has always had an interest in what drives human behavior - an interest that led her to study Anthropology at George Washington University. As CampMinder's Director of Talent & Culture, she makes sure the company is hiring great people and keeping them engaged. Analiese can often be found working out or spending time with her husband. She is also a self-professed bibliophile who devours literary fiction, business and leadership non-fiction, and cookbooks with equal fervor.

Fun Fact: Analiese is on a mission to bake the perfect gluten-free almond butter blondie.

Analiese Brown

VP, People & Culture
Andrew is from a tiny town in Mississippi, but his interests are far-reaching. He loves Premiere League Soccer, is an Ultra Runner, has visited friends in Mexico several times, and thinks that casseroles are the perfect food. Andrew’s experience working at a summer camp (where he met his wife) makes him a perfect addition to CampMinder’s client support team, but he’s also worked at an organic farm and is available for vegetable advice. Andrew loves spending time with his wife and kids, drinking coffee, and thoroughly enjoys getting a good deal on any item.

Favorite tradition: Andrew’s fridge is covered in Polaroid photos of every guest who has stayed with his family.

Andrew Ginn

Client Support Representative
Anna has moved in and out of Colorado five times, but this time she’s here to stay. That’s lucky for us and our clients, because her summer camp experience makes Anna a great addition to our team. A self-described collector of hobbies, Anna enjoys photography, playing guitar, mixing cocktails, and can even juggle. Trips to Iceland and Switzerland were full of adventurous activities, but Anna is just as happy watching a classic movie at home with her dog, Bailey. She loves pizza and hot sauce and is a tetherball master, having grown up with a pole in her backyard. Anna doesn’t love birthday cake, so each year she requests a celebratory apple pie instead. Anna is also the co-founder of MacGuffin Kitchen, a hot sauce company she runs with fellow 'Minder, Lukas.

Fun fact: As a child, Anna aspired to be an oak tree.

Anna Jay

Associate Product Owner
Antonio started working as an engineer 17 years ago and soon discovered the Cloud and the DevOps world, skills that enable him to successfully manage the CampMinder platform team. He lives in Austin, Texas, but is originally from Spain, where he called Malaga, Zaragoza, Cartagena, Cadiz, and Sevilla home. If you’re looking for a SCUBA diving buddy or a chess opponent, Antonio is your guy—he usually has multiple chess boards with games in progress at the same time. Married with two kids, Antonio is a fan of 80’s music, classic Sci-fi films, and homemade pizza.

All about his dogs: Antonio has three German Shepherds named Snowy, Luna, and Nico.

Antonio Calderon

Engineering Manager
Our resident pastry chef who frequently supplies the office with excessive amounts of sugar in the form of delectable confections, Becca’s culinary gifts are appreciated by all on the CampMinder team. She's a self-proclaimed Pinterest addict, Mexican food connoisseur, and has one of the strangest collections we’ve come across: pajamas. She has over 50 pairs! Meeting her best friend at summer camp is her all time favorite camp memory.

Dream Job: Astronaut

Becca Helfrich

QA Engineer
Brad found his way to Colorado after living in nine other states. A former dodgeball champion, he lives with his wife of almost 20 years and together they have a son, a daughter, and two dogs. Brad brings more than 15 years of experience in the payment processing space to CampMinder, and while you might find him enjoying a good old heist movie, don't ever ask him to go swimming in the ocean—it terrifies him. Brad is an avid road cyclist with a penchant for classic rock, which he listens to while driving around in one of his cool cars.

Fun fact: Brad can do the worm

Brad Olson

VP, Merchant Services
A San Diego native, Brian was a surfer in a past life, but traded in the sea for mountains when he moved to Colorado, after spending 14 years in ``Music City,`` i.e. Nashville, TN. With an explorer’s heart and over ten years of Product experience, Brian brings both curiosity and wisdom to his role as CampMinder’s Director of Product. His superpower lies in his willingness to ask “why?”, a simple act that yields important insights about how to design the best possible solutions. As a gifted strategist, speaker, and writer, Brian has put his leadership skills to use in myriad ways: as a former Young Life leader and camp counselor, and, currently, as an entrepreneur, husband, and father of three.

Brian Peterson

VP, Product
When it comes to Bryan, the question isn’t where he’s been around the world, but rather where he hasn’t been. He’s lived in 10 different places, including Germany, and has traveled to more than 30 countries. So if you need any trip planning advice, he’s ready to help. Bryan, or B-Rich as we like to call him, brings valuable experience as a software engineer and a team leader to CampMinder. He spends his time with his wife, daughter, and sister—and he’s exceedingly proud of all three and their success in STEM careers. Out on the ski slopes is a great place to hang out with Bryan, just don’t suggest a coffee or a beer afterwards—he’s (shockingly) never acquired a taste for either.

Fun fact: Bryan has flown roughly 1.4 million miles on one airline.

Bryan Richardson

Engineering Manager
Byron Uy may be one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Working from his home office in New Jersey, Byron is the exterminator, ensuring that CampMinder is bug-free and solid. He is also responsible for building custom reports when camps have very specific needs. When he isn’t sifting through code, Byron loves to play video games. His favorite is Legend of Zelda.

Favorite Food: Pasta. Namely lasagne.

Byron Uy

Software Engineer
Ciaran has done it all when it comes to camp. He’s been a scout, a leader, a recruiter, and a director. This experience is what drew him to CampMinder, where he’s a key member of the client support team. Growing up in Europe (Ciaran was born in Ireland) provided him the opportunity to travel extensively across the continent. If you have any questions about Harry Potter, Ciaran should be your go-to resource, as he’s read the series roughly 40 times. Ciaran lives with his partner and son, enjoys country music, and identifies as a diffuser enthusiast, which means his house always smells interesting.

Something he loves that other people hate: Conversation hearts and other chalky candy

Ciaran Brittain

Client Support Representative
Charles is a mega fan of University of Michigan sports, having grown up a half mile from the stadium. As a kid, he was mentored by the University of Michigan’s quarterback, a guy named Tom Brady, which made a big impact on Charles and inspired his interest in helping kids grow and thrive at camp. Charles spent more than ten years working at the YMCA Camp Al-Gon-Quian (AGQ), eventually becoming the Director of Camping Services. His love of the outdoors brought him to Colorado and to the CampMinder team, where he enjoys making clients’ lives easier in his role as Manager of Payments Operations. In addition to Michigan sports, Charles is also a fan of soccer, dogs, and sweet potato fries.

Fun Fact: Charles met his wife at camp. He took her sailing under the guise of needing more staff members trained as sailors – the rest was history!

Charles Fahlsing

Manager of Payments Operations
Charly can bust out sweet dance moves if she’s feeling the rhythm, as she pretty much grew up in the dance studio that her mom owned for 20 years. Being around the studio also cultivated a deep love for music, with some of her favorite types being alternative, indie, and most anything from the 80’s. She plays the ukulele and enjoys hiking, skiing, and playing or watching sports. Charly also grew up playing basketball, soccer, and softball; attending sports day camps along the way. One of Charly’s favorite things about working on the Client Support Team is getting to interact with her collaborative teammates.

Fun fact: Charly was the champion of her 4th grade checker tournament.

Charly Michaelis

Associate Database Developer
Chris is a problem solver. At CampMinder, his inquiring mind lends to finding the most efficient solutions to our clients’ needs. He loves being active, whether it’s cycling, climbing or skiing the fresh pow-pow of the Rocky Mountains. Not only is he a master programmer, he’s also a master chef.

Fun Fact: Chris performed autopsies for 8 years.

Chris Voeller

Software Engineer
Claire transplanted to Colorado for love, adventure, and CampMinder! Born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin, she will forever be a fan of farmers' markets, bonfires, and sunsets over the lake. After attending UW-Madison, Claire taught 4th & 5th grade with Teach For America, directed camps at Chicago Academy of Sciences, managed a family farm camp, and recruited for a medical company. When CampMinder's People Operations Specialist position opened up, she recognized that the opportunity to combine her love of camp with her love of people. Outside of work, you can find Claire biking, hiking, rock climbing, trying new recipes or restaurants, thrift shopping, or gathering friends for their next adventure. What's with the all the shoes? Turns out when you have a lot of hobbies, you need quite an array of footwear options!

Fun Fact: Claire started backpacking with her parents in the Upper Penninsula when she was 2 years old. As a brilliant motivational hack, her dad would hike ahead and place M&Ms on the trail for her and her sister to find. This crucial responsibility has now been passed on to her husband.

Claire Bonneau

People Operations Manager
Courtney is Texas born and raised and currently lives in Houston. She loves food (especially seafood), entertaining her rambunctious puppy Ivy, and traveling with friends and family. She loves being part of the CampMinder team, especially in her role supporting camps. She enjoys watching the various housewives franchises, experimenting with new recipes she finds on TikTok, and doing self-care.

Fun fact: Proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.

Courtney Jacobs

Client Support Representative
Christine’s favorite activity is rowing, which she has been doing since 1996. When she’s not in a regatta or coaching, you can probably find her reading, quilting, or hanging out with her three kids at a playground. As CampMinder’s Client Learning Experience Manager, Christine is the guiding light for clients to learn the ins and outs of our platforms. Christine and her husband have traveled to Alaska and Italy, but when she’s home she dives into her obsession: watching the Olympics. A lifelong camper and former camp director, she also has a soft spot for Christmas, which she celebrates at home in Boston or visiting her hometown of Chicago.

Christine can drive tractors and boat trailers and has yet to meet a clutch she can’t master.

Christine Cassidy

Client Learning Experience Manager
One of our Midwest ‘Minders, Cushé lives in Swansea, Illinois, where she was raised. She loves working with and advocating for others, which makes her a perfect fit on our Client Success Team. Cushé’s family is a staple in their community, and family plays an important part in her life—especially her nephew and two nieces. Seeing them and the rest of her family (she’s the middle of five siblings) at Christmas is the reason it’s her favorite holiday. Cushé loves making creative design projects for friends, is a pro at scrolling through TikTok, and has watched The Parent Trap more than 100 times.

Greek Life Fact: Cushé is a proud alum of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Cushé Blackmon

Client Support Representative II
Dan began building web applications when he was 13, way before it was hip. When he was 20, he won a VH1 myMusic Award for best fan website for The Dave Matthews Band. His love for music didn’t end there, as he learned the guitar at camp and later went on to record an album of his own. As the company’s founder, Dan is the keeper of the culture, making sure the company lives its values each and every day.

Fun Fact: Dan once dressed up as the Hamburglar in NYC and doled out McDonald’s Hamburgers to fans.

Dan Konigsberg

Hailing from Miami and tired of the humidity, Danny moved west and joined his brother Javi at CampMinder. Sticking to his roots, Danny is the office barista who makes fresh Cuban espresso for all of those who need an afternoon jolt. It’s strong, trust us. Danny is constantly smiling and laughing as he trains new camps. At home, you will most likely find him reading Terry Goodkind, Raymond Feist or R.A. Salvatore.

Danny Pire

Implementation Success Manager
David (aka D-Lane, Coach Dave) turns ideas into user interfaces. If you’ve clicked on a button or typed into a textbox in CampMinder, chances are David was involved in creating it. When not typing feverishly on his keyboard, or iterating on design specifications, you might find him wearing another hat (literally), coaching his daughters’ softball teams. Coach Dave has had the opportunity to teach the in's and out's of hitting, fielding and running to over 100 girls during his management tenure.

Favorite U.S. President: Lyndon B. Johnson

David Lane

Senior Software Engineer
David’s ideal day includes tromping through the forest foraging for mushrooms while admiring wildflowers. Afterwards, he sits down to a meal of salt-crusted, dry-aged ribeye with a fava bean risotto and maitake mushroom reduction that takes him nearly five hours to prepare. Following dinner, David enjoys a cocktail of two parts Templeton, one part Lillet Rouge, one part Benedictine, a third part agave syrup, and two dashes of his homemade aromatic bitters while re-reading Snowcrash by Neil Stephenson. It’s this attention to detail that makes CampMinder’s Director of Database Operations a prodigious artisan of queries.

Fun Fact: David’s mom insisted he learn Gaelic as a child.

David Whitehurst

Director of Database Development
Doug began his love for computers when he interned for a local computer shop in Dallas; however, he abandoned it quickly for his other hobby: lighting design. His first paid lighting gig was at 16 and he was hooked. One summer, Doug and friend drove around the United States on an amusement park tour. They rode 79 different roller coasters. His moving around didn’t stop there as life took him from New Orleans to Orlando to Nashville to Tampa (for a day) back to New Orleans. When Doug was 34, he and some friends started a theater production company and he moved to Boulder where he met his wife. She encouraged him to go back to school to study computer science, one of his original hobbies. Now Doug works with CampMinder’s development team building APIs and data tables and doing what he loves - writing code.

Doug Stillings

Software Engineer
Elaine is born and raised in Boulder and is also a huge Green Bay Packers fan. Her fandom reaches beyond sports though, and includes a passion for Harry Potter and Star Wars. When she's not at work she's probably running or playing with Izzy, her beloved husky. One of her proudest accomplishments is that she qualified for and ran the Boston marathon with her dad. Elaine has been working in customer service roles since her first job, which was at a movie theater, and loves providing support to CampMinder clients.

Secret Skill: Elaine can play the French Horn

Elaine Carlson

Client Success Manager
Are you interested in being part of a purpose-driven, values-led team that’s elevating the summer camp industry? CampMinder is hiring! Learn more by checking out our current job opportunities by clicking Careers in the menu at the top.

Your Name

Elliot grew up in Sierra Madre, a town without any stop lights (at the time) against the foothills of the San Gabriel Valley. After graduating with a degree in Archaeological and Cultural Anthropology he took off to Korea with his girlfriend, now wife, to teach English for two years. During his time overseas he realized he wanted to pursue coding and completed a full immersion program upon his return to the United States, which eventually brought him to CampMinder as a Software Engineer 3 years later. Elliot was a camper growing up and brings his knowledge and excitement for bleeding edge technologies to the team. Outside of work he enjoys learning new things, flying drones, video games, hanging out with friends, cooking and eating good food, especially home Korean BBQ.

Fun fact: Elliot is well-known by family and friends as the cat whisperer and can make friends with almost any remotely friendly cat.

Elliot Himmelfarb

Software Engineer
Emily grew up by the the beach on Cape Cod in a town called Sandwich, so it’s fitting that one of her favorite foods is a lobster roll. After attending college in Vermont, Emily made her way to Colorado where she lives with her two favorite adventure buddies—her husband and son. Emily loves going to concerts and her previous job at a brewery turned her into a connoisseur of craft beer. Emily is one of the brains behind CampMinder’s finance team, and when she’s not at work you can find her hiking or in the kitchen trying to master the art of sourdough bread.

Favorite concert: Phish at Madison Square Garden on New Year’s Eve 2014

Emily Masi

Finance Manager
Erik was born and raised on a dairy farm in a tiny Swedish village (population: 600). Growing up on the farm, Erik developed a fondness for Sweden's feral hedgehogs, who would often feast on the scraps and bowls of milk he set out for the cats. At CampMinder, Erik helps make sure we're releasing great software as a QA Engineer and occasionally coerces co-workers into playing Magic the Gathering with him. Erik loves being a dad and spending time with his wife and son, playing hockey, or just hanging out in general.

Fun Fact: Erik still practices the Swedish tradition of ``fika,`` which means ``to gather around coffee`` with co-workers, friends, and/or family. You'll find him holding court near the coffee machine around 9am and 3pm each day.

Erik Hallqvist

QA Engineer
In 2009, as a color war captain, Ethan took the Gold team to victory in one of his most memorable summer camp experiences. As a third generation camper, summer camp has always held a special place in his heart. Speaking of camp history, Ethan is a Level 3 Import Wizard when it comes to getting historical data into CampMinder. He can also whip the database into shape with his eyes closed, and as one of our amazing QA Specialists ensures that the quality of anything and everything shipped out the door is top-notch.

Favorite Food: Grilled Cheese

Ethan Greenberg

QA Engineer
Never pull a prank on Frank Fagan. This master prankster and diehard Gators fan keeps everyone on their toes. He is known to frequently frighten those around him by jumping out from dark corners or from beneath desks. Frank has been in the summer camp industry for over 25 years. He met his wife at camp, and they have two campers of their own.

Fun Fact: Frank cries at weddings and when he watches Sleepless in Seattle

Frank Fagan

Director of Sales
Gianni’s summer camp experience taught him camaraderie and provided a place for him to detach in the woods. He brings that spirit to CampMinder, along with a variety of fun facts about The Bronx, where he currently lives. The birthplace of Hip Hop and home to Haagen Daz, when he’s not at work Gianni is usually streaming a good show or cooking. Gianni is proud of his Costa Rican heritage, loves Disney Movies and Beyonce, and won’t be upset if you take him out for a Frosé. Just don’t make him do a high ropes course because he’s got a persistent fear of heights.

What’s on his wall? Sticky notes full of affirmations

Gianni Hyman

Client Support Representative
Ian is a perfect mix of brains and brawn: he’s completed more than 20 triathlons but is just as dedicated to completing the Saturday morning New York Times crossword puzzle. In his role as Director of Business Development, Ian is focused on implementing growth strategy at CampMinder. Ian is a world traveler—a one-month trip to Indonesia is a personal favorite. He’s also an adventurer—he once hiked for four days in the jungles of Colombia to see Ciudad Perdida. When he’s not running or walking long distances, you can find him with his wife, daughter, and maine coon cat, or excelling at a variety of household DIY projects.

Current favorite music: It’s a tie between The Beach Boys and the Jungle Book Soundtrack (which may or may not be influenced by his daughter)

Ian Cahn-Fuller

Director of Business Development
An Albanian from Montenegro, a small Balkan country along the Adriatic Sea, Jah moved to New York and learned to write code as a young man. As one of our earliest developers, Jah has been involved in the development of most of CampMinder's Signature Systems. Some of them actually work. Just kidding. In his free time, Jah likes to ski, hunt, and hike with his family.

Jah Hasangjekaj

Software Engineer
Janet is a former CEO and now serves as our VP of our Sales & Marketing Team. She loves working with the people at CampMinder and in the camp industry, which is a newer industry to her. But she loves the sense of mission that uplifts hundreds of thousands of children every year. A driven and passionate leader, she also consults other companies, is involved with many nonprofit organizations, and helps lead the board of the YWCA. As an avid runner, Janet runs nearly everyday and has completed more than 35 Bolder Boulder races, placing 2nd in her division this year! You can also find her singing in her a cappella group, 3 Story Limit, that she started and has been part of for 20 years.

Fun Fact: Janet has a twin sister and loves that they can share life and clothes together!

Janet Eden-Harris

Chief Revenue Officer
As a native of San Diego, Jason grew up attending football and lacrosse camps all over the United States. His love of sports was matched only by his passion for singing, as he was voted “best vocals” in his sixth grade choir (He has the mini trophy to prove it). Later, Jason employed his musical aptitude to co-write and perform in rap parodies extolling the joys of River Way Ranch Camp, where he met his now-wife, best friends, and worked as a counselor, staff member, and full-time HR Director. Serving as a member of CampMinder’s Sales team, Jason loves knowing that he can help empower camps to have smoother summers. Outside of work, he enjoys snowboarding, coaching lacrosse, and daydreaming of the carne asada fries at Cotijas in San Diego.

Camp Nickname: Squirrlee. You’ll have to ask him.

Jason Rich

Account Executive
Javi is the Sherlock Holmes of the database, although he would prefer to be known as Colossus, his favorite superhero. Few people know that Javi took ballet classes in high school, and performed stand up after college. Javi cries himself to sleep every night because of something he insists on calling “The Impending Doom” even tho he won’t give any details. We’re worried about him. He loves Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Childhood Aspiration: Investment Banker

Javier Pire

Platform Engineer / IT Manager
Jahnavi has many interests and skills, which she uses at work and at home. Her web development experience makes her an ideal member of CampMinder’s product team, where she’s specifically excited to focus on API work. In her spare time, she’s just as busy decorating her home, maintaining 30 house plants, reading books, and volunteering as a STEM mentor for BIPOC kids. Jahnavi was born in Hyderabad, India, but now lives in Omaha with her husband, children, and their pet dog. She loves documentaries, coffee, traveling, and getting things done.

Something she’ll never do again: Ride a roller coaster

Jahnavi Vemuri

Senior Product Owner
Jeremy loves pizza, watching Seinfeld, and spends much of his free time with his wife and three kids at their home in Atlanta. Beginning in 2021, Jeremy's family set out on a year-long RV trip. Growing up, Jeremy attended a small school, which allowed him to participate in team sports, despite not being particularly athletic. As a Software Engineer at CampMinder Jeremy enjoys working with technologies that interest him and building functionality that enhances the user experience.

Fun fact: Jeremy has never gotten a speeding ticket (knock on wood!)

Jeremy Davis

Senior Software Engineer
Josh comes to the CampMinder team with more than a decade of camp director experience under his belt. He knows the system in and out. He also happens to be an avid gamer and a former Hockey MVG (that’s Most Valuable Goalie, for those of you not in the know). He calls Philadelphia home, where he lives with his wife, eight-year-old twins, and two cats. Josh loves Mel Brooks movies, old-school rap, and Philadelphia sports. His superpowers include sarcasm and having a photographic memory.

Weirdest accomplishment: Josh once sold a truckload of spoiled chicken (35,000 lbs), and turned a profit.

Josh Weisman

Account Executive
Jules is from Portland, Oregon. Her life revolves around her Husky, Kenai, and her partner, Gwen. Jules loves oat milk lattes, all kinds of music, and the beaches in Seattle, where she lives.

Fun fact: Jules loves the outdoors and has a degree Recreation Management from Oregon State University

Julia 'Jules' Espericueta

Client Support Representative III
Julia's experience as a camper and counselor helped foster her love for the outdoors. She once led a group of 8th graders on a 200 mile bike trip through northern Michigan, her favorite place in the world. With a passion for hiking, backpacking, and long treks, Julia took off on a solo hike of the Appalachian Trail in 2017. She became a proficient hitch-hiker, and only had a mouse chew through her tent two times. Her longest day was a whopping 34 miles as she crossed into Virginia. When Julia is not answering calls and tickets on the Client Support team she can be found climbing, reading, social cooking, journaling, and enjoying a more than occasional slice of pizza.

Myers Briggs: INFJ

Julia Goodhart

Senior Client Success Manager
Julia grew up on military bases and has called a number of states home, including Ohio (where she was born), Texas, and Hawaii. That moving around has extended to her international travel: she’s been to 11 countries, and once ate a caterpillar in Zambia. Julia’s dad inspired her love of gardening, and she now spends time tending very tall tomato plants at home where she lives with her husband, dog, and cat. As former camp kid and staff member, Julia brings that personal experience in her work supporting our clients. A reality TV junkie who loves coffee and unsweetened tea, Julia once worked at an arena and has attended more than 100 live concerts.

Favorite band: Her name isn’t Jonas and she doesn’t look like Buddy Holly, but Julia loves Weezer.

Julia Sawers

Implementation Success Manager
Kelsey lives in Denver but grew up in Michigan, in a town so small her teachers were also her parents’ teachers. She is a member of CampMinder’s client support team, where she builds on her experience managing summer camp logistics while on staff at a University. In her spare time, Kelsey loves flower arranging, a hobby she picked up from her florist grandfather. She also enjoys playing with her dog Stella, cooking, kayaking, and hiking. If you want to sit and watch TV with Kelsey, it will definitely be whatever is on HGTV.

Fun fact: In college, she was selected to work at the American Pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival.

Kelsey Job

Client Success Manager
Ken moved to Boulder for grad school and loved it so much that he stayed. He’s a husband, father, and grandfather of two, and has a small camping trailer named Davey Cricket. That came in handy when he called it home for two snowy months in his backyard while renovating his house. Ken is an avid cyclist, has climbed many of the highest mountains in Colorado, and once went SCUBA diving in the great barrier reef. He brings extensive experience writing software and managing teams to CampMinder, skills that benefit our staff and clients alike.

Best Summer Camp Experience: Watching the moon landing with a bunch of other boy scouts on a small tv in the camp dining room.

Ken Goodhew

Senior Engineer
Kraig hates bok choy, loves music, and has ridden a jet ski—once. By day you’ll find him engineering the latest CampMinder software, and by night playing with his band or listening to his vinyl record collection. Another Michigander on the CampMinder team, Kraig now lives in Colorado with his wife (who you just might spot on this very webpage), two kids, and two dogs. He loves movies (North by Northwest and Cable Guy are two top picks), grilled pizza, and unlike most developers he prefers light mode. Kraig’s favorite international city is Lisbon, and his nemesis is the cheese grater due to a number of knuckle-nicking experiences.

Incontrovertible fact: According to Kraig, Peter Gabriel-era Genesis is so superior to Phil Collins-era Genesis that it shouldn’t even be called the same band.

Kraig Hallgren

Engineering Manager
Kevin is one of the few Colorado natives on the CampMinder team. We can’t blame him. Who would want to leave this place? You’re likely to find Kevin collaborating with the development team to build new systems or improve existing ones. You might also find him playing lawn games with friends. We dare you to challenge him to a game of horseshoes or ladder golf.

Fun Fact: Kevin refuses to watch broadcast television

Kevin McKeever

Senior Software Engineer
Laura captains the ship of CampMinder's Client Services, managing no less than 17 unswarthy landlubbers - and doing it with style and grace. You'll catch her farming in her garden every morning, eating apples at noon, and fixing her house at night.

Fun fact: Laura's never met a cheese she didn't like.

Laura Eppstein

VP, Business Operations
Growing up, Lazar enjoyed spending time in the forests, mountains, lakes, and rivers near his hometown in Bulgaria. This love of nature has followed him throughout his life and across the globe to Colorado, where he continues to enjoy the outdoors by skiing, biking, hiking, camping, and cultivating a talent for nature photography. As CampMinder’s Director of Software Engineering, Lazar leads the team responsible for building the CampMinder platform. But it is a passion for people above technology that drives him. He finds fulfillment in building relationships with team members and colleagues, and in knowing that through his work he is contributing to camps and positively influencing future generations. Outside of work, Lazar can often be found spending time with his family, preferably outdoors.

Lazar Gintchin

VP, Software Engineering
Looking for better access to outdoor activities and nature, Levi moved to Colorado in 2019. He came with his wife, with whom he shares a home and a birthday (day, month, and year). If he’s outside, you’ll probably find Levi rock climbing, but he has indoor hobbies too, including playing video games and collecting comic books. A former camper and counselor at Crossroads Summer Camp in Chelsea, Alabama, Levi was drawn to CampMinder for our team culture and approach to customer service. Levi is an early riser, an at-home vegan chef, and is proud to be a Belieber.

Special Accomplishment: Levi does pushups daily and estimates that his lifetime total exceeds 30,000.

Levi Terrell

Account Executive
A self-described class clown who once tried to Super Glue his teacher to a chair, Lukas’ love of camp was cultivated early in life as a camper and later a ropes course instructor and EMT Intern for camps in New York and Colorado. Prior to joining the CampMinder team, Lukas nurtured his passion for the outdoors as a manager for L.L. Bean, where he was nominated for the Bean’s Best award (the company’s highest internal honor) for his team’s achievement of world-class customer satisfaction levels. With a degree in Social Work, Lukas' favorite part of his role within Data Ops is, unsurprisingly, the people: both his colleagues and the clients he gets to solve complex problems with every single day. Lukas is also the co-founder of MacGuffin Kitchen, a hot sauce company he runs with fellow 'Minder, Anna.

Fun Fact: Being from upstate New York (home of the buffalo wing), Lukas is a connoisseur of spicy chicken in all its forms.

Lukas Moller

Associate Database Developer
Marissa has dreams, dreams that Cal Berkeley will one day win the Rose Bowl and that the San Jose Sharks will win a Stanley Cup. As an Oakland native who grew up in Alamo, CA, she enjoys skiing, hiking, camping, gardening, baking, reading, and listening to podcasts, in particular True Crime. Marissa has been a camper and counselor and her favorite camp memory involves putting on a Michael Jackson Thriller themed show at the end of camp with her fellow counselors to surprise the campers. As a Product Manager at CampMinder, Marissa enjoys working cross-departmentally to determine the best plan to bring the project to fruition.

Fun fact: Marissa spent many years researching native bees and is a published author on the topic!

Marissa Ponder

Product Manager
Mark hails from Macon, Georgia, home to several great rock bands of the 60’s and 70’s. Perhaps that’s where his love for music started, which has evolved into a new hobby of collecting and repairing guitars. Mark has been working in IT Ops for a dozen years, and is excited to bring this experience to the engineering team at CampMinder. Mark lives with his wife and dog, and his likes include The Grateful Dead, fly fishing, and trivia. His dislikes include cars, at least until they can all drive themselves.

Ideal dinner and a movie: A burger and fries (done right), and Alien, a Ridley Scott classic

Mark Hutchison

Platform Architect, SRE
Marty grew up in Eden, NC and left in 1995 to work at a camp. While he was never a camper himself, he fell in love with the camp world and worked at camps for 23 years as a counselor, backcountry trip leader, assistant director and director. He now supports camps as an Account Executive at CampMinder. While Marty is no longer on the front lines welcoming campers to a temporary home each summer, his passion for serving youth has led him to opening his own home to kids in need as a foster parent. He has a great community here in Colorado and loves spending time with his family, being outdoors, traveling, sleeping under the stars, and watching college sports.

Fun fact: Marty was an 8th grade math teacher before he got hired at camp full time.

Marty Ferguson

Sales Manager
Melany has been involved in the camp industry her whole life, first as a camper and later as a counselor for campers with special needs. As an Account Executive at CampMinder, she puts her relationship-building skills to good use and enjoys introducing the 'awesome' that is CampMinder to new people. A transplant from Michigan, she is a big fan of the Great Lakes, Coney Island, and the Detroit Tigers. She loves to point at her hand when you ask her where she is from.

Favorite Dance Move: The Running Man

Melany Hallgren

Sales Manager
Michael’s passion for UX design comes from the knowledge that his work directly impacts what people do in daily life. This is certainly true in his designer role at CampMinder. Speaking of daily life, Michael’s favorite activity is mountain biking, and one of his proudest accomplishments is finishing a 100-mile race called the Shenandoah 100 in Virginia (twice!). A lover of maps, Michael claims to be skilled at giving directions. So keep that in mind if you happen to be lost in Carrboro, North Carolina, which is where he currently resides.

Something he likes that others don’t: Walking in the rain

Michael Carbaugh

Senior UI/UX Designer
Mohammad was born in India but now lives in Texas. He loves playing cricket because it helps him relax and use his analytical thinking skills. Mohammad is organized, patient, and dependable, and enjoyed going to summer camp as a kid. It’s this unique combination of skills and experiences that makes him a perfect fit for the CampMinder engineering team. Mohammad loves cooking as well as festivals and holidays that provide opportunities for his whole family to spend time together. He loves soothing music, SciFi shows and movies, and hopes to skydive one day.

Favorite food: Chicken Biryani

Mohammad Shaik

Senior DevOps Engineer
Although Nate grew up in sunny California, he prefers the coziness of a rainy day: the kind that makes you want to relax with a cup of coffee and a good book. In fact, this musically-inclined coder met his wife at a coffee shop! As a front-end developer, Nate enjoys working on the parts of the CampMinder platform that clients interact with.

Nathan Reginato

Senior Software Engineer
Parker is your typical polite Midwesterner and they will happily regale you with stories of Minnesota’s many (many) lakes. Having been to half of the US states, Parker now resides in Boulder with their fiance and is always looking for a great live comedy show. What drew Parker to CampMinder was the opportunity to make change in an industry while working in a supportive environment. Parker has eight siblings, is one of 2% of people who have green eyes, and loves iced coffee (especially Fall seasonal flavors). If you want to talk X-Files or Squishmallows, Parker is the right person to chat with.

Skill they sort of have: Beatboxing

Parker Kuczaboski

Client Support Representative
Since a young age, Paul’s loved making things. Whether it’s playing music, designing user experiences, or writing business plans, he has a passion to create. This creativity translates into many of CampMinder’s Signature Systems, marketing efforts, and strategy. Moving from Washington D.C. to the Rocky Mountains in order to ski, backcountry camp, and see as much live music as possible, Paul enjoys everything about the Colorado lifestyle.

Instruments: Guitar, Piano, Bass, Mandolin, Drums

Paul Berliner

Ryan is an avid road tripper and ultra-runner. With a personal motto of “persistence,” it's not surprising that he is drawn to challenging, time intensive feats which include ultra-marathons (he’s completed approximately 20), running once for 32 hours straight, and road tripping across the country alone in a ‘93 SAAB filled to the brim! Ryan also loves a clean space and in college had a job detailing cars - this is still one of his favorite things to do. Don’t be surprised if you see him venturing from ultra to ultra across the country in an impeccably clean van someday, #vanlife. As part of our Product Team and a former camper himself, Ryan loves being able to translate big ideas into deliverable items to improve the user experience. When not working his magic at CampMinder, he loves to grill and fancies himself somewhat of a grill master.

Fun fact: Ryan once lived in a converted train caboose in Seattle, Washington.

Ryan Hutnick

Senior Product Manager
Sam lives in Connecticut with 6 kids and 29 chickens. Summer camp brought her family to the US from England and she has attended and worked at camp in every possible role.

Secret skills: Sam can eat a surprising amount of cereal and on a good day can do 10 pull-ups.

Sam Smith

Support Operations Specialist
Born and raised in Baltimore, Sarah has undying love for the Orioles, the Ravens, and Old Bay seasoning. Sarah lived in Brooklyn and Boston before ending up in Colorado and is a camp kid at heart, having spent her formative summers at Camp Moshava in Maryland. That’s where she was given the nickname ‘Snug’ which has stuck with her to this day. When she’s not putting together content and marketing campaigns for CampMinder, you can find her knitting, listening to records, and spending time with her wife and two tiny dogs.

Fun fact: Sarah used to be a sports writer and even got to interview her childhood hero, Cal Ripken, Jr.

Sarah 'Snug' Braker

Marketing Director
An Iowa native, Scott made his way west, coming first to Colorado and then landing in Los Angeles with his wife and son. He came with low expectations, but finds that he loves LA (especially that he gets to live in cargo shorts just about 365 days per year)! You can often find Scott riding bikes, playing video games with his son, and listening to a wide variety of audiobooks. Scott has been working with data and databases for over 25 years and continues to be fascinated by the art and science of it all.

Fun fact: Scott has been sitting Zazen for over 20 years and is passionate about supporting the healing of men and the masculine energy in our society.

Scott Nelson

Database Administrator
Sean grew up in Rush City, Minnesota, a city whose claim to fame is that they have the largest ever caught walleye, by Paul Bunyan, no less. Last year, with the pull to explore, Sean took off on a five-month road trip across the United States. In the span of four days he went from the lowest point to the highest point in the lower 48 states, ending at the peak of Mt. Whitney, which is his favorite hike thus far. When he's not at work ensuring CampMinder performs well for all our clients, you can find Sean running, hiking, playing soccer, or crushing some chorizo tacos.

Fun fact: Sean canoed the entire Mississippi River in the summer of 2014.

Sean Karvonen

QA Tester
Shannon moved to Colorado from small-town Texas to join CampMinder's Software Engineering team -- a move he attributes to his desire to work for a company that lives its core values. What he likes most about Colorado is the variety of outdoor activities and the four distinct seasons; he's been checking out his new home state via offroading and exploring in his new Jeep Wrangler while listening to podcasts (current favorite: Ologies). This exploratory spirit is perhaps what contributes to Shannon's interest in GIS (geographic information systems), a way of plotting data that relates to how people interact with the world around them. As a Software Engineer at CampMinder, Shannon works on maintaining and modernizing the system as well as contributing to new development.

Fun Fact: Shannon identifies with moose in that they are hearty and built for snow.

Shannon Latham

Software Engineer
Shauna may be a Boulder native, but she's traveled the globe. She even lived in Sydney, Australia for several years, where she developed a love of SCUBA. Now that she's back in land-locked Colorado, Shauna spends her time outside of work hiking, skiing, and going to her kids' Ultimate Frisbee tournaments. She also likes puzzles of all kinds; some might even say she's a Soduku master. At CampMinder, Shauna fits together the puzzle pieces of the company's finances in her role as CFO.

Fun Fact: Shauna lives in the house she grew up in.

Shauna Callahan

Chief Financial Officer
Originally from Christchurch, New Zealand, Simon moved to Colorado after working for 8 years at River Way Ranch Camp in California. As the company’s resident Kiwi, Simon spends his days as a member of CampMinder’s Client Success Team. When not helping clients, Simon enjoys skiing, playing rugby, and indulging in fan theories about the Marvel Universe and Game of Thrones. He is pretty sure that – spoiler alert – Tyrion is actually half Targaryen.

Fun Fact: As a social butterfly, Simon loves parties, especially 80’s-themed parties.

Simon Cundall

Head of Client Experience
Stacey is a remote ‘Minder who works from home in Atlanta, Georgia. Her expertise with the CampMinder system comes from more than a decade working at Blue Star Camps, so she’s the ideal person to guide our clients and help them get the most out of our tools. If you need further proof of the importance of camp in her life look no further than her closet, which holds 32 camp T-shirts. Stacey has traveled the world and loves seeing historic sites—two of her favorites are Pompeii and the Inca Trail. She considers wine and cheese a hobby, which is great for her friends because she hosts weekly tasting nights.

Secret skill: Stacey is a former summer camp Zumba instructor

Stacey August

Client Success Lead
A former marine, Stuart was in the 2nd Marine Air Wing before joining CampMinder in 2004. As CampMinder’s first software engineer, Stuart is responsible for developing CampMinder’s coding methodologies and overseeing the stability of the system. Stuart grew up at camp, as his family has owned and operated a summer camp in North Carolina since 1920.

Favorite Food: Ribeye, medium rare, of course.

Stuart Miller

Software Engineer
Surat was raised in Virginia, but has been in Colorado for 12 years, considering himself a local. He recently ventured into the world of snowboarding, an experience teaching him that you can’t be afraid to try new things. With a love for solving problems and tabletop games, he is a Solutions Engineer master by day and Dungeons and Dragons aficionado by night. While he isn’t a fan of cooking, he is a big fan of eating, especially sushi, pho, or ramen.

Fun fact: Once, just to show himself that he could, Surat ate two entire Chipotle burritos in one sitting, an impressive feat.

Surat Sriprathum

Database Developer
Taylor’s favorite activities depend a bit on where you find him. If he’s outdoors, he’s hiking or skiing with his wife and dog, in his backyard he’s probably playing corn hole, and inside he’s usually watching the Nuggets and Avalanche or playing board games. Taylor’s dog is named Wonder, which is one of CampMinder’s core values. Between that and his experience as the Director of YMCA Camp Santa Maria, Taylor is a perfect fit on our team. If you really want to get Taylor talking, just bring up the topic of cast iron cookware. He’ll tell you all about his latest project of restoring a chicken fryer he bought for $6.

Least Favorite Food: Taylor hates whipped cream. He is also allergic to strawberries, so that works out pretty well actually.

Taylor Jordan

Associate Database Developer
Victoria's customer service background and degree in Forensic Accounting makes her an ideal member of the CampMinder finance team. Outside of work she spends her time with her boyfriend, son, and step-daughter, as well as her pet bearded dragon. Victoria is a creative artist and excels at drawing and doing hair. Victoria's most exciting vacation took her to the Bahamas, and at home here in Colorado she appreciates how friendly the people are. She loves mac and cheese, crime documentaries, and one thing many people hate—clowns!

Surprising fact: Victoria has 13 tattoos

Victoria Johnson

Accounting Technician
Born and raised in Texas, Wil still calls the Lone Star State home. When he’s not at work supporting CampMinder clients, you can probably find him playing video games, a hobby that started at a young age thanks to Sonic the Hedgehog. Wil claims to be able to fix anything, is an aspiring blacksmith, and loves music (especially rap). His own summer camp experience (and the fact that his wife also works for CampMinder), make him a perfect fit.

The thing he’ll never do again: Clean out a crude oil frack-tank in an unbreathable jumpsuit in 103-degree Texas heat.

Wil Sawers

Client Support Representative