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Dear Friends,

We know that 2020 has been the most difficult year our industry has ever faced and that you are still facing many unknowns about the upcoming camp season. We also know that, throughout all of this, many of you have also had personal obstacles to contend with. This weighs heavily on us as we enter what is usually a joyous time of year.

We hope you’re able to find time and space this holiday season to take care of yourself. We hope you can connect with your family and friends, even if only virtually. We hope you can look back at the last twelve months and honor both the challenges and the successes (even the small ones).

There are so many things we want in 2021, but let’s start with healing—for our friends, our clients, and our community. Here’s to a 2021 in which we’ll continue to adjust, adapt, and support one another. Here’s to bringing the magic and joy of camp back to our children. They’ve never needed it more.

Happy Holidays and New Year from all of us at CampMinder. If there’s anything we can do to help, please know we’re always just a call or an email away.

With love and admiration,


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