Happy Holidays and New Year from CampMinder

Dear Friends,

When we shared our year-end message with you last winter, we focused on healing and hope. Healing from the most difficult business and personal challenges you’d ever faced. Hope for a summer during which our children could reclaim the joy of camp.

As we reflect on these aspirations, we’re in awe (though not surprised) of what you’ve accomplished over the past twelve months. You adapted to ever-changing circumstances, and you gave kids a summer they’ll never forget. You bounced back.

But it came with a cost. We know how much you struggled and sacrificed to pull it all together in 2021. We understand the toll it took on many of you. We know that some of you have even questioned whether or not you can do it anymore. To call the year gone by “tough” would be an understatement.

There is no off-season for our industry, but as another year comes to an end, we hope you’re able to step back and see yourselves as we do. You’re the most committed, compassionate, and creative people. You inspire our entire team every single day.

Happy New Year from all of us at CampMinder. May you give yourselves time and space to rest, recharge, and find the peace and calm you deserve. We’re excited and honored to be your partner in 2022 and beyond.

With love and admiration,