‘Minder Memories: Becca Vorel, Our Resident Baker

CampMinder Becca Vorel.jpg

From leading a wilderness adventure that took her kayaking down the Guadalupe River to concocting weird midnight snacks, Becca Vorel’s memories of camp are both fond and simultaneously very sweaty (it was Texas, after all).

Becca now works on the Client Support Team at CampMinder, but she started out as a camper at Mo Ranch in Hunt, Texas where she went every summer until she was 16. After transitioning to a Counselor in Training (CIT), she became a General Counselor for two summers, with a third summer as the Camp’s Head of Leadership. We had some fun asking about a few of Beccas favorite memories from camp.

What was the most ridiculous story you remember about camp?

At my camp we didn’t do raids, but our counselors got permission to basically convince the kids that we were doing something like that (even though the Director knew about it). I remember being really young and feeling like we were going on some grand adventure, sneaking around, stealing candy from the Director’s office, and doing some crazy thing. It was definitely pre-planned but as a 10-year-old you thought it was the greatest thing ever.

What skills/talents did you gain from camp specifically?

I was a fairly introverted child – because of camp, I would now call myself an extrovert. Camp gave me leadership skills and the ability to talk in front of anyone. Oh, and I can make a mean friendship bracelet.

How would you describe camp in 5 words?

Fulfilling. Joyful. Friendship. Love. Hot (South Texas for you).


What was your go-to snack at camp?

Oh man, this is so disgusting. Graham crackers with strawberry frosting. That horrible strawberry frosting that comes out of a can. For some unearthly reason, I love that frosting. It’s just so disgusting, and I recognize that.

What was the best part of your day during your time at camp?

Swim time. There was a big river that ran through our camp, so we would typically go every afternoon. It was very hot in the summer so it was nice to be by the water and relax.

What part of the day did you dread at camp?

I hated walking up the hill to the horse barn because it was a million degrees and it was the furthest point from anything from camp.

If you owned a camp, what type of camp would it be?

Culinary sleep away camp. I love to cook and bake.


Fun fact: Our Client Support Manager, Amber Thomas, actually worked as the Camp Director when Becca was at Mo Ranch! Oh, and Becca’s best friend? She was Becca’s counselor her first summer at camp. Here they are, reunited for a camp wedding:


At CampMinder, we simply love camp. And our staff carries a rich camp history that we pour into our work each and every day. Thanks for getting to know Becca, and if you happen to talk to her when you call, ask her about those hot Texas summers, or even graham crackers topped with strawberry frosting!