10 More Must-Follow Camps on Instagram

Russian playwright Anton Chekhov once said this about storytelling: “Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of the light on broken glass.”

In our short-attention-span present, we’ve shortened it a bit. Now, it’s just “show, don’t tell.”

And the adage applies to camp marketing and how to use Instagram for your summer camp. 

Showing parents and campers what they should be getting excited about is more effective than telling them. And that’s why Instagram is such a great marketing tool. It gives camps a chance to paint a picture worth a thousand words – again and again and again.

We recently highlighted a few camps we think do a great job of marketing on Instagram. (Check out that post when you have a chance.) But we also came across a few more that are doing great work. Here are 10 more camps that are using Instagram to show their audiences just how awesome they are.

camp instagram marketing tips

YLI Camps – South Carolina

YLI Camps’ network of six camps located across South Carolina makes a whole range of experiences accessible for kiddos. Fancy marine science? Check out YLI’s coastal camp with a marine biology focus. Want to work on those survival skills. YLI’s outdoor adventure camp can help you do that. Plus, they have a tech camp, traditional overnight night, and a shooting sports camp. In other words, YLI Camps offer something for everyone. On Instagram, YLI showcases the best of the best across all six camps. Check them out for some camp photo inspiration for Instagram!

camp instagram marketing tips

Camp Waziyatah – Waterford, ME

Camp Wazi, as its known by campers, offers the classic Maine camp experience: A rustic campground (you might recognize it from Bug Juice), breath-taking nature, and tons of high-quality programs in just about every subject. That’s the recipe for a perfect camp experience. See Camp Waziyatah’s Instagram page for ideas for making your bio standout (they do a great job!), sharing reunion photos, and inspiration for photos that will transport your followers to August.

camp instagram marketing tips

Steve and Kate’s Camp – Various Locations, US

Steve and Kate’s Camp offers the fun and interaction of an overnight camp, in a day camp setting! Today, there are Steve and Kate’s Camp locations network – including in the Bay Area, on the West Coast and in the Northeast — each offering its own itinerary of fun-filled activities and programs. Get inspiration for using Instagram to showcase fun activities and give parent’s an insider’s look at a typical camp day. That’s something this camp does really well!

camp instagram marketing tips

Kukenam Camp – South Florida

Kukenam Camp has two locations in South Florida, just around the corner from Miami. And the camp offers a full-slate of activities, sports and educational programs for day campers. Here’s what makes Kukenam Camp so great on Instagram: They nail branding! Each image expresses the camp’s culture of fun and empowerment. Take a look for ideas for packaging your Instagram posts to sell your brand and the experience you offer.

camp instagram marketing tips

Camp Cedar Cliff – Asheville, NC

Tucked away in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Camp Cedar Cliff offers the perfect setting for outdoor adventures. The scenic Mountains-to-Sea Trail and Blue Ridge Parkway border this camp, and here, visitors have plenty of opportunities to explore nature, learn new skills, and unplug. Here’s why you want to follow Cedar Cliff on Instagram: They speak the language. Cedar Cliff’s Instagram feed is a mix of stunning photos, clever branding and loads of inspiration.

camp instagram marketing tips

Camp Wood YMCA – Elmdale, KS

Out in the Flint Hills of Kansas, you’ll find Camp Wood, a summer camp that’s been in operation since 1915. Now, more than 100 years later, Camp Wood continues to offer the best of the best in outdoor education. Campers spend their summers learning new skills and trying new experiences, while immersed in the beauty of the surrounding tallgrass prairie. On Instagram, Camp Wood YMCA does a great job of using video and slideshows; if you’re looking for some video marketing ideas, start here.

camp instagram marketing tips

Camp Voyageur – Ely, MN

Camp Voyageur “specializes in real wilderness camping.” And they couldn’t be in a better location for that. Located in the Boundary Waters region of Minnesota, the camp does offer campers true outdoor immersions on canoe and camping adventures in the state’s pristine wilderness. You’ll find tons of incredible photos on Instagram (which put you right in the middle of the experience)! You’ll see their success on Instagram as a great place to start.

camp instagram marketing tips

Chippewa Ranch Camp – Eagle River, WI

For more than 65 years, Chippewa Ranch Camp been the summer stomping grounds for girls from across the Midwest. At Chippewa, you’ll find a variety of high-quality programming (including a great English horseback riding program); not to mention, the idyllic campus puts out great camp vibes. On Instagram, Chippewa publishes really awesome photos! Get some ideas about what to shoot next summer at your camp.

camp instagram marketing tips

Camp Kingswood – Piermont, NH

Camp Kingswood is hidden away in the White Mountains. And this camp for boys delivers a fast-paced program designed to keep the fun rolling all summer long. Campers delight in activities like sailing on Lake Tarleton, hiking in the surrounding woods, team sports and much more. Kingswood’s Instagram is a great source of inspiration for action-packed “camp moment” photos on Instagram.

camp instagram marketing tips

Camp Lonehollow – Vanderpool, TX

You’ll find Camp Lonehollow tucked away in Texas’s Hill Country. And if you’re looking for adventure, this is the place. The camp is surrounded by 3,000 acres of pristine nature – the perfect setting to unplug and have fun – and Lonehollow offers more than 60 activities to help campers while away the summer. Camp Lonehollow is super-active on Instagram, with tons of followers and posts. Check them out for ideas for engaging followers and posts to share.

Picture, Post, Repeat!

Instagram and summer camps go together like scary stories and campfires. They’re the perfect match. And hopefully, these awesome camps above have given you some inspiration to take into summer.

Think there’s a camp that should be included? Let us know. We’d love to hear. Also, follow the CampMinder blog for more great resources related to the business of summer camp.

Until then, happy Instagramming!