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COVID-19 Pre-Arrival Screening Form

Now you can receive, record, and report COVID-19 testing and exposure information prior to staff or camper arrival.

Get the information you need to ensure a safe summer for campers and staff

You need a variety of health questions answered before staff or campers arrive at camp. The COVID-19 Pre-Arrival Screening Form collects information about testing, symptoms, and exposure in the days or weeks before arrival, depending on your camp’s schedule. The form will update the immunization and disease history fields related to COVID-19, and these details can be viewed in both camper and staff records. 

The COVID-19 Pre-Arrival Screening Form is customizable. Simply navigate to Admin > CampInTouch > Pre-Arrival Screening Settings. From there, you can specify your instructions and choose which questions to show or hide for campers and staff.

COVID-19 Pre-Arrival
Screening Form Details

Automatic Updates

The form is accessible via CIT and Campanion and will be available automatically at no additional charge.

Image Uploads

Users can upload images of vaccination cards and test results that you can view.

Pre-camp info

The form collects disease, symptoms, tests, and exposure information, which will be available for reporting in Medical Reporter.


Auto-generation of a PDF from the system form makes collecting and storing information simple.

Email Alerts

You can send emails to parents and staff who have not yet submitted their form before camp begins.


New COVID-19 tab summarizes submitted information within the Lower Medical tab and Health Center.

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