June 2024


Trackable Links

Say goodbye to long, messy URLs and hello to powerful insights! Our latest update introduces trackable shortened links for your text messages.

Here's what you can expect:

Effortless Sharing: Shorten any link and share it easily in your text messages. Reduced spam filtering ensures your messages reach their destination.

Measure Engagement: Gain valuable insights into campaign performance with detailed click rate information. Track how many recipients engage with your shortened links and measure the effectiveness of your text campaign efforts.


May 2024


Draft Text Messages

Professional Suite users can now create draft text messages. You can easily edit the content and set and adjust filters for future communication.

Authorized Adults in Paperless Attendance

Efficiently collect and identify authorized pick up and drop off adults, ensuring camper safety and eliminating paperwork hassle. With mobile optimization and historical reporting, streamline operations for an effortless dismissal experience.


April 2024


Shortened Links

Send any link in your text messages with reduced spam filtering by using shortened links

Carriers are increasingly blocking text messages with urls in them. We have worked with Twilio to register a domain to ensure maximum delivery through increasing trust with carriers.

Append Forms in CampInTouch

We've made managing forms even easier by introducing the ability to add mulitple files directly to existing forms without overwriting! This enhancement simplifies handling multi-page documents, offering a more streamlined upload process with intuitive options for appending or overwriting.


Preferred Names in Summer Reports

We have updated the Medical, Bunking, Day Travel and Residential Travel reports to default to showing the Preferred Name (or first name if there is not Preferred Name information) so your summer staff can confidently address campers by thecorrec. Depending on your Admin settings you'll either have a display of "PreferredName LastName" or "FirstName 'PreferredName' LastName".

Email Log Sent Times

We have updated the Unified Person Record email logs to show the sent time according to your computer's device time instead of displaying in Mountain Time.

Text Opt-In Information

We have updated the text opt-in experience to redirect recipients who have opted out of Campminder texts on their phone to meet texting standards.

Text Opt-In Field

We have updated the text opt-in field to be required on all forms and applications where it is enabled.

Duplicate Batch Payments

We have updated the Batch Payments experience to improve the speed in which batch payments are processed, improve the error messaging that users recieve, and prevent users from requesting to process duplicate payment from the same payment method and family within 4 hours of time.

Staff Application Address

We updated the Staff Application to require address information for staff with incomplete addresses who have previously provided address details via the Staff Interest Form.


February 2024


Dynamic Links in Text Messages

  • Seamlessly integrate dynamic links for enhanced user engagement that directs recipients to Campanion or CampInTouch depending on the device they are using.
  • Form Dynamic Link: Navigate users to Campanion forms on their mobile device; otherwise, on Desktop guide them to CampInTouch
  • Registration Dynamic Link: Navigate users to Registration in Campanion on their mobile device; otherwise, on Desktop guide them to CampInTo–uch Camper Application
  • Campanion App Dynamic Link: Streamline the experience - whether users have the app or not, they're swiftly directed to Campanion or the appropriate mobile store listing to download the app

Returning Camper Families Setting

For those of you with high demand sessions who want to create an application process for just your returning camper families we've added a setting to support your needs. Go beyond preventing camper families without an account and only allow camper families with at least one year of camp.


Mobile Online Giving Form

Donors now have it easier than ever when it comes to making a donation. Wether from a phone or a computer donors can make a donation knowing their experience will be a breeze.

Financial Inquiry Report

We updated the Inquiry Report to make sure it no longer double counts refunds in the payments and charges columns.

Dates and Rates Gender Settings

We updated the Dates and Rates settings page to allow for users to disable the "Gender" field from showing on the form to allow for camps to offer a more inclusive Dates and Rates form as desired.


Missing Forms Count

We fixed an issue where the "Missing Forms Count" was not considering gender filters in forms settings and counting forms as missing when it was not applicable to a staff person.

Pricing Table Rules

We resolved an issue where the pricing table was allowing users to add multiple duplicate line items but wasn't adding multiple duplicate line items on the application.

Archive Staff Recruitment Records

We resolved an issue where staff recruitment records could not be archived.

Bulletins Regarding Lead Records

We resolved an issue where lead records would not populate in the "regarding" section when creating bulletins.


January 2024


Staff Interest Date

We have added the Staff Interest Form date to the Staff Recruitment Page. This will allow you to sort by the Staff Interest Form and Staff Application dates to prioritize your outreach according to recent applicants.

Print Staff Lead Information

We have added the "Print Info" button seen on camper leads and staff applicant records to staff lead records. Users can now generate a PDF file of lead records to print or compare lead accross files.

Staff Leads on the Homepage

Staff leads have been added to the Staff Leads & Applicants widget. Now when staff are manually added as a lead or are created by filling out the Staff Interest Form you will see those records on the home page. Recruiting simplified!


Archive Staff in Staff Recruitment

We resolved an issue where staff recruitment records were not able to be archived.

Storing Over 18 Data

We resolved an issue where staff who submit a Staff Interest Form providing information about being over the age of 18 was not being recorded in the system.

Attached Merge Documents

We resolved an issue where emails with attached files were not displaying attached merge documents in email logs.


December 2023


Staff Interest Date

To follow up with the Staff Interest Form release we have added the Staff Interest Date field to lead staff records, User Reporting, and Communication. Recruiting simplified, use the Staff Interest Date to improve your ability to filter and report on your new staff leads.

Staff Interest Date Field


Camp Leaders Endpoints

Camp Leaders endpoints were updated to continue to allow for hired staff in Camp Leaders to be successfully be imported into Campminder.


Staff Summer Address

We resolved an issue where Staff Summer Address information did not populate when assigning staff to Day Travel bus routes.

Credit from 2023 Line Item

We resolved an issue where the "Credit from 2023" transaction line item was quadrupling on the financial transaction report.

Staff Interest Form Notification Link

We resolved an issue where the Staff Interest Form notification email was not correctly redirecting users to UPR records and instead resulted in an error message.


November 2023


Staff Person ID in Financials

We have added the Staff Person ID to the Staff Financials Report to more easily manage staff financial data that needs to be imported into Campminder.

Wait List Management Filters

Manage your wait lists with comfort and ease with newly-added filters. You can now filter by age, grade, gender, and gender identity to better understand where campers sit in the wait list queue. Navigate to Camper --> Wait List Management to try it today.

New Wait List Filters

Camper Attendance Report

Attendance users rejoice! You can now generate a camper attendance report based on any date range you need. Parents questioning which days a camper was at camp? ACA want to see how you manage attendance? This report can help ease those pains with just a few clicks. Navigate to any camper's Attendance Travel info to see for yourself.
Attendance Report

Email Scheduler

The ability to schedule emails frees you from the constraints of real-time sends. You can now set communication for registration launches, holiday greetings, and important announcements in advance, and gain the flexibility to focus on other tasks.
Email Scheduler


Increase Admin Password Complexity

To increase the security of user accounts future users and users who reset their password will be required to create a more complex password for their administrative account. We have increased the length of the password, required a special character, required a number value, and required at least one capitalized character.


October 2023


Staff Interest Form

This new staff form allows you to gather just the basics from a staff lead in an efficient way. And, it's a quick option that won't overwhelm applicants. Once you have this form completed, you can email or call the lead while you manage additional hiring with our tried-and-true staffing system. Ease the burden of staffing right from the start with this efficient new hiring tool. Bonus... it's mobile-optimized!

Draft Emails

Save your staff time and energy when they create new email campaigns in the Communication Hub with the new draft email tool. Now there’s no need to reselect your recipients or re-open your saved templates — it's all in one place and easily accessible.


September 2023


Communication Hub Email Log

View your parent, camper, staff and alumni email logs with confidence you have the complete picture of sent emails. We have added sent email details from the Communication Hub to the person email logs.

Text Opt-In on Applications

Easily get your parents, staff, and alumni to opt-in to texting outreach. Now you can enable your text opt-in functionality on the Camper Application, Staff Application, and Staff Registration Form.

Paperless Travel

Simplify one of the most complex parts of day camp...travel! Grant your staff a view-only access to camper travel information like never before. View camper details like authorized grown-ups, bus assignments, car pick-up details, and more from a phone or tablet with a few clicks.

Next Season Status Field

We've added a new reporting and communication field called "Next Season Status". Communicate and report on the campers you want to reach out to based on their next season status to avoid manually adding or removing campers in the interest of only reaching out to families that haven't yet applied or enrolled in the next season.


August 2023


Text Opt-In On Applications

We have added the ability to enable text opt-in functionality to the Camper Application, Staff Application, and Alumni Registration forms. Now parents, staff and alumni can easily sign up for texting service while also applying for camp. One less form to complete and a win-win all around. To enable these options navigate to Admin>CampInTouch>Text Message Opt-In settings to enable today.

Campminder text messages deliverability

Enhance your messaging experience with real-time visibility into message delivery status on our platform. Users can now effortlessly track the delivery progress, whether successful, in progress, or unsuccessful, ensuring effective communication every step of the way.


Multiple Alternate Households

We have updated the Communication Hub to handle families with multiple alternate households. All households will now be visible in the recipients list for easy alternate household communication and management with a few clicks.


July 2023


Paperless Attendance Search and Sort

Swiftly locate any camper by name for easy attendance management and quick access to vital information. Use flexible sorting to choose the view that suits your needs to make data management a breeze.

Gender Identity and Pronoun Merge Fields

Fields of dreams! You can now merge Pronoun and Gender Identity fields in emails, documents, and labels.

Preferred Name Setting - Paperless Attendance

Default the Paperless Attendance view to show camper preferred name to address campers by their preferred name from the moment they arrive at camp.


Google Analytics Update

We have upated Google Analytics to host the new Google Analytics 4 version on the Camper Application, Staff Application, Inquiry Form, Adult and Family Application.


Staff Agency Edits

We resolved an issue where editing Staff Agency values inline in user reports was generating an error.

Undelivered Virtual Emails

We resolved an issue where virtual emails sent by parents were not being delivered to camp for printing.

Batch Printing eLetters

We resolved two issues when batch printing eLetters for campers. We updated eLetters to exclude any parents marked as deceased or parents who don't have an email address in the system and thus are not eligible to recieve hand written replies.

Paperless Attendance Timeout

We resolved an issue with Paperless Attendance where camps with large amounts of active bunks were timing out after 30s of loading. We increased the load speed and timeout window.


June 2023


Echeck Voids

eCheck payments and refunds can now be voided through the financial ledger within Campminder. To void an eligible payment or refund, navigate to the financial ledger and click the “Void Now” button inline with the payment you want to void or refund.

Attach Photos to Letters in Campanion

Campanion users can now effortlessly add photos to letters in Campanion mobile, enhancing the communication experience with campers.

Camper Details in Paperless Attendance

Day Camps get ready to go fully paperless with the addition of our Camper Details view. Staff and Administrators alike can now select camper names to view important household details such as guardians, authorized grown ups and emergency contacts all with a handy click to dial view on a mobile device.

Dietary and Allergy Fields

The medical reporter can now include specific dietary and food allergy fields to help your medical and kitchen staff easily see the breakdown of food allergies when making diet specific meals.

Report on Locked Out Users

Ensure your users are never stuck waiting on you to unlock their account using the new locked out fields we've added to the Camper, Staff, Alumni and Person User Reports. Use additional filters to add the new "Locked Out" fields and get your users back into their CampInTouch account with the click of a few buttons.

Medical Notes on Logs

Medical staff rejoice! Users can now append notes to logs like they can for treatments. Easily add more info or record more follow up details about a daily log with ease in a camper record. Each appended note is also recorded with the user and time stamp for data integrity.


Phone Reservation Options

We resolved an issue where some parents could not see the phone reservation dropdown options when attempting to make a phone reservation.

Pricing Information

We resolved an issue where the PDF of the Additional Options form was showing the previous season pricing information for Additional Options.

Bullet Formatting

We resolved an issue where bullet formatting was not displaying properly for published staff contracts in CampInTouch.

Payment Notifications

We resolved an issue where payment notifications were not displaying the name of the parent who made a payment in the tower notifications.


May 2023


Staff and Alumni Filters in Communication Hub

Staff and alumni filters have been added to the Communication Hub, for enhanced organization and connectivity.

Credit Card Chargeback Notifications

We are excited to announce a new feature for merchants processing with Paysafe. You can now easily set up notifications in Campminder to receive alerts via tower notifications or email, ensuring that you stay informed about credit and/or debit card chargebacks and chargeback reversals. With this update, you'll have the ability to stay on top of your daily cash flow status more efficiently. By promptly receiving notifications, you can take proactive measures and submit a dispute package within the required five-day window for applicable chargebacks. This enhancement aims to provide you with better control over your payment processing operations, enabling smoother management of chargebacks and ultimately improving your overall business performance.

Attention Notes in the Health Center

We have added the ability to view camper attention notes in the health center so medical staff can view important notes about your campers and staff.

Retain filter settings in for eMAR and Pending Medications

Medical staff can now use the "Retain current filters" checkbox on the eMAR and Pending Medications views of the Medical Center to retain their selections. Do you have staff who disburse medications for younger campers? Retained filters will save your team extra clicks to get the right list of campers every day of camp.

Vertical Lines in User Reports

When generating Camper, Staff, Alumni and Person user reports, you now have the ability to include vertical lines on the Options/Finish report reports that are easier to read.


Health Center Search

We've improved the search function of the health center to mimic functionality of our general search bar so your medical staff can quickly locate campers with a few characters of the first or last name or a combination of both.


Bank Account Activity Report Update: Gazebo ACH Returns Correction

We have resolved an issue in the Bank Account Activity report where Gazebo ACH Returns were mistakenly reported as ACH Refunds. This fix applies to both past and future Gazebo ACH transactions, ensuring accurate reporting. Enjoy an improved banking experience with reliable information. For any questions or assistance, please contact our support team.


May 2023


Social Media Integrations

The photo platform has three new integrations for 2023. Users can import from Google Photos, Facebook, and Instagram accounts with ease.

Campanion Help

CIT and Campanion now both have a mobile-optimized and improved help process, making it even easier to get questions answered and get support on the go.

Micropost Photos

Campanion users can now view Microposts in full-screen mode and conveniently download and share them directly from the app.


April 2023


Paperless Attendance for Day Camps

For Standard and Professional Suite day camps, this new mobile attendance solution helps you run more efficient check-in and check-out processes. With the first phase of paperless attendance staff can easily access attendance via CampInTouch to track camper status in real-time. As an administrator, you can see statuses, report on information, control staff access, and control what statuses you need.

Data Refresh Frequency

The data refresh frequency has been increased across the Campanion application. This means that when users navigate between menu items, the content automatically updates for them.

Password View

Users can now see their passwords on the Campanion login screen. Prior to this, users could not see what password they had entered. Now you can see what you type, ensuring that your passwords are entered correctly.  


Photo Resolution

Campanion's photo stream now shows photos in higher resolution.

Bank Account Activity Report

The Bank Account Activity Report has been updated to separate out reporting for ACH Return and Refunds, and to identify Overdraft Funding and related details to make these easier to match to bank account statements.


March 2023


Billing in Installments

We've changed the term "Auto-Bill" to "Installments" when defining Billing Preferences in Financial Admin to make the option to use installments with billing clearer.

Billing installments

Group and Bunk Gender Filter

We have updated the gender filter when configuring groups and bunks to show as "All" not "Both". This update was made to better indicate that groups and cabins would allow assignments for campers with male, female, or undefined gender assignments.

bunk and group gender filter

Load Times

We made some updates to the back end of our system to improve camper record loading times for camps that have a high volume of campers and sessions.


Statuses in Reports

We resolved an issue where lead campers were not showing the correct form statuses when generating user reports.

Missing Camper Photo Report

We resolved an issue where the Missing Camper Photo report was not including campers enrolled in multiple sessions.

Wait List Numbering

We fixed the wait list numbering in camper records that was not always showing the correct wait list order dictated by the Wait List Management page.

Pulling Records in User Reports

We updated the "Is One Of" operator in user reports to correctly pull any record that matches at least one of the selected values rather than the exact value when working with custom fields.

Highlighted Search Results

We resolved an issue where the search results from a person record would not highlight when using arrow keys or when you hover over the search bar with your cursor.


February 2023


Direct Link Merge Field for the Forms Dashboard

We've made it simpler for you to guide parents and staff toward completing any missing forms. You can now include a merge field called "Forms Dashboard Link" in your mass emails, which will allow users to click on the link and land directly on their Forms Dashboard page after logging in. This will make it easier for them to access and fill out any forms that they might have missed.

Batch Print eLetters

Have you ever wanted to print a blank eLetter for a homesick camper during the summer? What about a whole bunk? Well, now you can! We've created an eLetter option on the Batch Form Printing page to allow you to easily generate blank eLetters to print and disperse to your campers.

Minimum Session Requirement

We have added a new feature that lets you set a minimum number of sessions for your applicants. If you want to ensure that your applicants have attended a certain number of sessions before being considered for the summer, you can now enable this option in your Camper Application settings. This will help you to filter out any applicants who haven't met your session requirements.


Social Media Options

The option to enable and collect Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and WhatsApp values has been added to the Camper App, Staff App, Adult & Family App as well as in-person records.  


Saving Notes with Ampersands

We resolved an issue where users could not save notes that included an ampersand in the text.


February 2023


Filter Staff Forms by Position

Good news! Staff forms just got even better with the new filter-by-position feature. No more sifting through forms for everyone, now you can handpick who gets access to what forms! Hooray for efficiency!

Filter Camper and Staff Forms by Tag

Tag filtering is now available for camper and staff forms! Use unique values to grant form access with ease. Not familiar with tags? No problem! Head over to Admin > Unified Person Record > Person Tags to start using them now.


Health History Form

The Health History form just got a whole lot friendlier! We've updated the form to replace any instance of the term "your child"  with the camper's name. Using the camper's name instead of the generic term "your child" makes the form more inclusive because it acknowledges and respects the fact that the person filling out the form may not necessarily be the camper's parent or guardian.

Definitions Modal Load Times

The definitions modal will now load more efficiently when an account has a larger number of sessions. It's now even easier to make edits to sessions, programs, and session groups.


January 2023


Duplicate Leads

When adding leads as an administrator users can no longer select the "Add New Lead" button multiple times inadvertently creating duplicate records.

Payment Request Notifications

Notifications for payment request notifications will display the submitter's first and last name instead of the login email address that was previously shown.

Fundraising Report Values

The fundraising reports have been updated to look at the minimum amount as a greater than or equal to value rather than a greater than value.

Bank Account Activity Report Enhancements

The Bank Account Activity Report has been updated to make bank account reconciliation so much easier.

  • Both Summary and Detailed reports have been changed to remove distracting information.
  • For the CSV versions of the reports, you can keep all the columns if you like.
  • The Detailed report now has a PDF version as well as a CSV version!
  • In addition to dates and payment methods (Credit Card and/or ACH), you may now filter your results by deposit/withdrawal amount (the exact amount or a range of amounts) and/or by Cardholder Name or Principal 1 Name.
  • Finally, you can specify an email address, or a comma-separated list of email addresses to receive any of the reports when you run them.


eCheck Tab Loading

Navigating from the eCheck tab to a parent record will now load successfully instead of being unable to generate results.

Blank Email Fields in Inquiry Form

The Inquiry Form has been updated to prevent incorrect error messaging if the email fields, when adding multiple campers, are left blank.

Camper and Staff Search

Camper and Staff Search functionality has been restored when attempting to search for a Camper or Staff record to move paper forms to another record in the system.

Stuck in Photo Upload

We have resolved the sporadic issue happening where users were unable to get past the photo upload part of their user account setup.

Transaction Report

We resolved an issue where the Transaction Report was not generating.

Who updated CampInTouch Forms?

We resolved an issue where forms updated in CampInTouch were no longer showing the name of the person who made the update, which made it difficult to track the history.

Background Check System Notifications

We resolved an issue where background check submissions were not generating an email or system notification for users set to receive notifications.

Advanced Search Errors

We resolved an issue where the initial attempt to use the Advanced Search feature would result in an error.


January 2023


New Filter Added to Bunking: Gender Identity

If your camp collects information with the Gender Identity field, you can now filter by your campers' responses. You can filter by your defined values as well as write-in values.

This new filter option for gender identity and pronouns is also available on the enrollment report.


Write-In Filters

You can now filter by write-in values on the enrollment report, camper user report, and camper communications.


December 2022


Communication Hub

For our Professional Suite users, we have released the first milestone of our new Communication Hub. With it, you can create beautiful, targeted emails and newsletters that look great on all devices. An upgraded user interface lets you pinpoint your audiences and create your messages with a drag-and-drop, intuitive text editor.


Seasons in Communication Hub

Users accessing the Communication Hub can see all current and previous seasons when viewing the recipient season dropdown.


November 2022


Prevent Duplicate Background Checks

If a background check has been processed within the last 60 days for a staff member, a confirmation message will now occur asking if the user would like to proceed with a second one in that time frame.


Special Characters in CSV Files

Campminder now supports special characters when exporting user reports and most system reports to a CSV.

Preferred Name Fields

Nickname fields have been changed to 'Preferred Name.' This primarily impacts updated reports, communication, scheduling, and CampInTouch pages.


October 2022


A New Look for CampInTouch with Mobile-Optimized Features

The My Account page within CampInTouch has a snazzy new design with updated icons and titles, and it is now mobile-optimized. We’ve also added a mobile purchase option for CampStamps, which makes the buying process easier than ever. Your camp families will see this update automatically in their accounts on all devices.


June 2022


Names Added to Paper Forms

When batch printing paper forms, you can now choose to append the camper's first and last name to the form. Gone are the days of trying to match parent insurance cards to camper names. This has been added for both camper and staff batch form printing pages.

Password Reset on Mobile

We've added a "Forgot Password" button to the login page for your mobile users so users can easily reset their CampInTouch passwords on a mobile browser. Previously they would have to switch to the desktop version on a phone.


Form Instructions Update

We have updated the paper form instructions to remove the text indicating users should upload or send files as a PDF when submitting forms, as users can now upload any appropriate file type such as JPEG.  


CIT: Discretionary Accounts do not show memos tied

We have resolved an issue where parents could no longer see the memos added to camp store purchases when viewing transactions in CIT.

Parent/Child record cannot see CIT News

We have fixed the scenarios where certain guest account types could not see the News option in CampInTouch.

Person Records: Edit Child History

EnrolledYearExc setting was not being respected when adding enrollments. We have resolved an issue where users were unable to add and save child history information and add more years.


June 2022


Customizable Gender Identity and Pronouns

We’ve added two new optional fields—Gender Identity and Pronouns— to a number of modules within the Campminder system. If you enable one or both of these fields, you can:
  • Set a list of custom values for each
  • Choose if the fields are required
  • Decide whether or not to allow write-ins
These new optional fields, if used, will be shown on the first page of Camper and Staff applications, Unified Person Record, Health Center, Reports, and Bunk or Group Cards. Pronouns will be visible in the Bunk Photo Report. 

Gender Settings Page

We’ve added a central location to manage these fields, the Gender Settings Page.  You can manage the settings for the staff and camper applications and the CampInTouch camper information card. You can also customize how you want the existing binary gender field to be phrased. One example: instead of asking for a camper’s gender, you can ask, “who do you want your camper to be bunked with?" For more information you can access the article (titled: Customizable Gender Identity and Pronouns) in CampMinder Community when you're logged in to your account.


May 2022


Unique, Direct, and Sharable Link to Camper Application

Registration is now built seamlessly into your parents' Campanion experience. You can send a direct link to the Camper application via email, text, and Micropost.

When clicked, the link will direct parents to your application via Campanion (when they have the app installed), or their mobile browser.

Registration Menu

We've added the 'Registration' option within the menu tab of Campanion, which means it is now possible to register kids for camp through the mobile application.



We have updated the title page so that when users are generating documents—be it for campers, staff, or alumni—the title will show as 'Camper Documents' or 'Staff Documents' instead of 'Mass Emailer.'

T-Shirt Field on the Camper Application

The T-shirt field on the Camper Application has been updated to clear out the previous year's T-shirt size for the new application season. This will help applicants fill in the appropriate shirt size for the new application season, and make sure the correct shirts are getting to all your campers for the year. Lookin' sharp!

Updated E-Mail Settings

We have updated the mass communication settings labels for households from 'Home gets general mailings' to 'Gets mass emails.' This setting is used to restrict an entire household from being included in mass email communication.



We fixed an issue related to the order of activity preferences selected on the Activity Preference form. It was ordered alphabetically instead of in order of preference, and this issue is now resolved.


The eMAR in the Health Center has been fixed to show medical disbursement history across all seasons instead of only showing the medications disbursed in the current camp season. Happy reporting!

Transaction Report

The new transaction report has been fixed to maintain the 'Separate payments and standard credits by apportionment' setting when generating a saved report that previously had that selection saved.

Camper Application Due Now Calculations

We have resolved an issue where the Camper App 'Due Now' amount was calculated incorrectly if discount changes occurred based on updated session enrollment. Those amounts will now calculate appropriately.


April 2022


Impersonate CIT Users

A new permission called "Impersonate CIT User" has been added to all user group types. This allows users to be password administrators for campers, staff, parents, and alumni. Users will also be able to reset passwords and set which users can use this impersonation function. This last feature ensures you can maintain appropriate levels of security within your account.


Letters from Camp Push Notifications

Parents who have opted to receive push notifications will get a notification when they have a letter reply from their camper in Campanion mobile. When a parent clicks the notification they will be taken to view the letter reply.


March 2022


Custom Forms

Sooner or later, you knew this was coming! A new setting has been created to allow you to disable the "Save for Later" option on any Camper, Staff, or Alumni custom web form. To disable this option for a form, select Actions and Edit Parameters for any custom web form.


Custom Forms

No time to finish a form? No problem! Parents, staff, and alumni filling out a custom web form can now choose the "Save for Later" option to save their work before submitting their form.

Microposts targeted by bunks and bunk plans in Campanion Mobile

Microposts can now be targeted based on bunk and bunk plan. This allows camps to curate content for families based on specific bunk experiences. Connect before summer and allow parents to get to know their kids' counselors ahead of the camp season, and continue with these targeted updates throughout the summer. Whatever naming convention your camp uses in the bunk field and the user interface, will be used with this feature.


February 2022


COVID-19 Vaccines

CampMinder's Health History and Pre-Arrival forms have been updated to allow for up to five vaccination dates and options so your staff and campers can input additional booster information as needed.


The batch refunds page and the refunds window in a family ledger now show an indicator if a payment previously processed is tied to a card that has been deleted from the CampMinder system. This can be used to help track which payments are no longer eligible for electronic refunds.

 Manual Tagging in Campanion Mobile

A new icon is added when a parent views a photo in Campanion mobile. When the parents click the manual tag icon they will be able to select their enrolled camper(s) in the photo. The tagged photo is added to the tagged photo collection allowing parents to curate an album of their camper(s).

Tagged Photo Report in Campanion Admin

Photos tagged by parents in Campanion mobile are now included in the tagged photo report.

Letters from Camp in Campanion Mobile

We added the ability for families to see letter replies from their campers in Campanion Mobile. This provides a two-way solution for parent-to-camper communication. Letter responses will be viewable under the 'reply' tab, and an orange indicator lets them know when they have a new message from their camper.


Program Protector

Trip Mate payment processing has been updated so when a payment fails due to the credit card on file being expired an email will automatically notify the family of the issue as well as notify Tripmate.

Reporting & Communication

The Additional Filter Criteria section has been updated to expand the "Field" and "Value" columns to make it easier to see longer text fields in each of those boxes.

Guest Accounts

Users can now edit Guest Accounts. Where previously guest account emails could only be edited by the administrator, parents can now update their own guest account emails.

Staff Application

The Staff Application settings have been updated so that years from closed seasons will no longer show on the Staff Application. This will help prevent staff from potentially selecting the wrong application season.


January 2022


Album constraints by session and program

Photographers can now constrain photo views by session or program. This means that you can customize your parent and family viewing experience based on these two segments.

Publish albums in real-time, at a scheduled time, or save them as drafts to publish later

When a CampMinder user on your team creates an album, they will be given three publication choices:
    • Publish Now: The photos will begin processing immediately after they upload photos. This is the current default setting
    • Save as Draft: This will require the camp administrator to go back into the album details modal to publish. Administrators can edit the sort or rotations on photos prior to publishing
    • Schedule for Later: Pick a future time (in 15-minute increments) to publish photos. The time the photos publish is based on the user’s local time zone.

Robust sorting options based on the file name or time and date

When a user creates a new album they will select one of the following sorting options:
    • Chronological- Newest First, Oldest First
    • Name - Ascending
    • Name - Descending
  • Chronological sorting will be based on the EXIF Date Time Original field
  • A user must ensure that their files have the time and filename information stored in the photo file to sort appropriately
  • Filenames can be up to 250 characters long


December 2021


Application Instructions

A new setting has been added to the instructions settings of the Camper Application. You can now enable (or disable) application instructions to automatically populate at the beginning of the staff, camper, and adult & family applications.

Date of Birth Field Format

All date of birth fields have been updated to auto-populate forward slashes and leading zeros according to the MM/DD/YYYY field requirements.


Linked Phone Numbers

Phone numbers in any UPR record are now linked so any admin user can select the number on a mobile or desktop browser and quickly make a phone call.

Add Camper and Staff as Alumni

Admin users can now make any applicable camper or staff record an alumni person mid-season through the person info card.


November 2021


New Health History Fields

We made it easier to track information that parents and staff have provided on the Health History Form, in response to these questions:
  • "I attest that all my child's immunizations required for school are up to date"
  • "I will send my child's immunization information to [domain name]"
Users can now add the fields, "Attests Immunizations Up to Date," and "Will Send Immunization Information."


Season Rollup

Closing a camp season has been updated to allow for up to 50,000 camper records when performing a season rollup. Note: This process will still take several hours to be completed when processing high volumes of campers, but will not result in a timeout error.

Age Constraints

Age Constraints defined in Season Settings will copy forward from one season to the next, going forward. Age-based camps will not need to re-input ages per session or program from season to season.


Archived Campers

Archived campers will no longer be eligible to be enrolled. This will prevent archived campers from being enrolled, but simultaneously not appearing on reports and in mass communication tools.

Travel Coordination

Travel coordination page will now load the applicable travel dates in the date dropdown.

Batch Camper Transactions

When adding batch camper transactions for multiple seasons the correct season will be displayed.


October 2021


Mobile Optimized Camper and Staff Applications for All Camps

Parents and staff can now access their applications in an easier format than ever before. The Camper and Staff Applications are available now on any mobile browser. No settings are needed to enable this feature for your account.


September 2021


Batch Refunds

The Batch Electronic Refunds page has been updated to enhance the loading times and experience when loading a high volume of refunds.

T-Shirt Size Field

The T-shirt size field has been updated so the T-shirt sizes collected will not be removed from the system if the T-shirt size field is disabled from the Camper Application.

Transaction Report

The Summary version of the Transaction Report has been updated to break down payments and refunds by payment method in addition to summing the total payments and refunds for the defined report date.


Discretionary Accounts

The accounts justification tool has been updated so going forward a person who is both a canceled camper and hired staff person in the same season will not be double credited or charged.

User Reporting

The user reports tool has been fixed so administrative users that are archived, but may be active parents, staff, or alumni, will still populate on the appropriate user reports.

Bank Account Activity Report

The Bank Account Activity Reporting filters have been resolved so the complete list of transactions will populate rather than limiting results that didn't occur after midnight on the set end date.


August 2021


Merge Field Categories

Similar to User Reports, your merge fields will now be organized by category. You simply select the desired field category to see the related merge fields that can be added to emails, labels, or documents.

Merge Field Search Tool

In mass communication and individual communication, users can now use a search function to locate a particular merge field needed for emails, labels, and documents. All you need to do is type in the first letters of the name of the field you need and any field containing the typed values will appear in a list of suggestions.


August 2021


Number Values on Custom Web Forms

We've added improved validation of integer and decimal custom fields for parents submitting number values on custom web forms.


Merge Field Error Message

We fixed the error message that was occurring when attempting to add a family merge field to medical documents.

Due Now Calculation

We fixed the due now calculation error where the 'due now' amount was showing as $0 when new sessions were added to a camper's record when already enrolled.

Health History Formatting

The Health History form now flags immunization dates that are formatted incorrectly.

Residential Line Items

Residential travel line items were sporadically duplicating themselves due to duplicate travel line items being allowed. This issue has been resolved.

Discretionary Accounts

We fixed the issue where funding the Discretionary Accounts was triggering line item duplication and failed payments.

Attendance Module

Previously, when searching for campers in the Attendance module, it did not populate campers after typing the first three letters of a campers first or last name. This has been resolved.


July 2021


COVID-19 Vaccine Type

The list of potential COVID-19 vaccines that parents and staff can choose from has been updated to include Sinopharm/BIBP, a vaccine approved by the WHO.


COVID-19 Reporting

The Daily Health Check reporting and communication fields have been updated to include the time zone shown (Greenwich Mean Time), to help provide clarity on times that are shown.


Mass Communication

Email read counts have been updated to show the accurate number of emails that have been opened.

Campanion Admin

The Campanion Subscription Admin page has been improved to load a high volumes of camper families.

Person Records

Person records have been updated to load consistently regardless of person type.

Financial Reporting

The Transaction Report has been updated so the Balance/Credit and Forward/From line items won't duplicate erroneously.


June 2021


COVID-19 Subtab added to the Medical Tab

With the new COVID-19 Subtab added to the Medical Tab of both camper and staff records, you can now view all the COVID-19 information you've been collecting through the Health History Form, Pre-Arrival Screening Form, and Daily Health check in one place.

COVID-19 Tab Added to the Health Center

With the new COVID-19 tab added to the Health Center of camper and staff records, you can now view all the COVID information you've been collecting through the Health History Form, Pre-Arrival Form and Daily Health check in one place.


Bunking Reports

The Staff Housing List and V1 Bunk List Report, which were previously timing out when pulling reports, have now been resolved to generate reports appropriately.

Payment Apportionment

Auto-apportionment has been updated to apportion to the correct session according to the defined session start dates.

HEIC Files

Forms have been updated so uploaded HEIC files will be consistently downloadable.

Medical Reporter

Staff address fields in the Medical Reporter have been changed from "Address 1" and "Address 2" to "Staff Address 1" and "Staff Address 2".

Mass Communication

High volumes of Emails or Documents will now generate appropriately instead of timing out in the system.


May 2021


COVID-19 Pre-Arrival Screening Form

You can now Enable and collect COVID-19 details such as vaccine, medical history, and travel information using CampMinder's latest system web form, the COVID-19 Pre-Arrival Screening Form. To enable this form, follow this path:
  • Camper forms: Admin > Camper Setup 2
  • Staff forms: Staff > Forms Admin

Pre-Arrival Screening Form Settings

You can now edit the content of the Pre-Arrival Screening Form by navigating to:
  • Admin > CampInTouch > Settings

Pre-Arrival Form Reporting Fields

You can now report on Pre-Arrival Form newly added fields using the Medical Reporter (Navigate to: Medical > Reporting > Medical Reporter). These fields are as follows:
  • Field Category: COVID-19 (this is an existing category)
    • COVID-19 Consulted Cardiologist
    • COVID-19 Diagnosed with MIS-C COVID-19
    • Latest Test Date COVID-19
    • Latest Test Result COVID-19
    • Latest Test Type COVID-19
    • Medical Instructions COVID-19
    • Severity of Symptoms
  • Field Category: Pre-Arrival Screening (this is a new category)
    • Pre-Arrival COVID-19 Exposure
    • Pre-Arrival Group Event Info
    • Pre-Arrival Group Event Info Exists
    • Pre-Arrival Group Event Info Earliest Activity Date
    • Pre-Arrival Group Event Info Latest Activity Date
    • Pre-Arrival Travel Information
    • Pre-Arrival Travel Information Exists
    • Pre-Arrival Travel Information Earliest Return Date
    • Pre-Arrival Travel Information Latest Return Date

Health History COVID-19 Data

You can now allow any COVID-19 vaccine and COVID-19 disease data shared on the Health History form to populate in the appropriate fields on the Pre-Arrival Form.


April 2021


Registration Fee

A family-based Registration Fee line item is now automatically added to a family ledger when a child in the family is enrolled, regardless of whether a sibling in that family was added to the wait list first.


April 2021


W4 Form

You'll now see an updated W4 form field featuring three options for Marital Status:
  • Married
  • Single
  • Head of Household

Federal Withholding

This field has been updated, replacing a number with a dollar amount for:
  • #3 Claim Dependents
  • #4a Other Income
  • #4b Deductions
  • #4c Extra Withholding

Transaction Report

Report performance has been improved.


Registration Fee

In situations where the first applicant in the family was wait-listed and the second applicant in the family was enrolled, the registration fee was not being charged. Now, the registration fee will be added to the family ledger any time at least one family member on the application is enrolled.

The Transaction Report

This report no longer shows seasonal fields as options in 'Data to Show' unless a season is selected.


March 2021


Daily Health Check

It’s now possible to enable the Daily Health Check tool in CIT Settings. Just head to Admin > CIT settings > COVID-19 Heath Check and select ‘Enable.’

From there, if you impersonate a parent, you’ll be able to see the form in CIT. Once this is enabled, the form will show up in a parents CIT account. To test, you’ll need to briefly enable the tool and then disable upon completion of your testing.

New Daily Health Check Fields in Medical Reporter

It’s now possible to create a range of custom medical reports using the new fields captured in the Daily Health Check.

Updated Health History with COVID-19 Fields

You’re now able to capture additional information on COVID-19 testing and immunization records in the Health History form. These fields are reportable in the Medical Reporter and display on the Immunization report and in the lower Medical Tab on the Camper Record.

Upload Images as Forms

Parents and staff members can now upload images as forms in CIT and with Campanion.

New Immunization Template

Our design team has updated our Immunization template to include COVID-19 vaccination questions. You can download it here.


February 2021



As an additional camper privacy measure, the ability for leads and staff applicants to view photos has been removed.


January 2021


Enrollment Payments

Enrollment payments for multiple sessions are now automatically associated with the deposits and registration fees for those sessions.

Household Members

Deceased household members are now excluded from reports and from the lower communications tab.


Credit Balance Reductions

"Reduce Deposit Amount by Household Credit Balance" and "Reduce Registration Fee by Household Credit Balance" now respond appropriately to seasonal settings.

Transaction Report Filters

Saved Presets in the Transaction Report now populate filters correctly.

Session Enrollment Filters

When person session enrollment filters are engaged, family transactions for the matching children are now returned, even when there are no children transactions.


December 2020


Transaction Reports

Session information is now included on the Transaction Report for the following reports:
  • Detailed
  • Summary
  • Payments by Charge
  • Payments by Credit


November 2020


Reporting on Cancelled Sessions

It's now possible to report and filter by "Prior Season Cancelled Sessions." This makes it easier to report on cancelled sessions across different camp seasons for a better understanding of your enrollment details. Just type 'prior' into the fields filter and you'll see every cancelled session in one list.

Household Credits

CampInTouch settings for the Camper App now includes options in the Billing section that allow you to apply household credit balances to deposits and/or registration fees.



It's now possible to update a donation campaign or a donation fund. You can now also delete a donation.

Enrollment Comparison

The Enrollment Comparison Report now allows you to specify the years you want to compare.

Time Zones (Why are they so confusing?)

When setting an application to go live, the Camper Application Settings now specify Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). This will help avoid confusion about exactly when the application will appear to parents across various time zones.


June 2020


Household Options

We've added new functionality to the household option, including:
  • Merge households
  • Add people
  • Move people
  • Change people from one household to another (along with their financial information when applicable)


It is now possible to refund a payment from the previous camp season.


May 2020



It is now possible to "un-hire" staff. This option appears as a new red button on the 'Staff Info' screen. Check it out:

Batch Session Edit

Users can now move sessions and change session enrollments for many campers at once using the Batch Session Edit tool. Check out the various actions that are part of this new feature:



It's now possible to adjust the appeal value and append notes to an existing donation.

Ledger Items

You are now able to change a ledger item from 'family-based' to 'camper-based' and vice-versa.

Line Items and Pricing Rules

Admins can now edit the amount of a line item, even if it is tied to a pricing rule.