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It’s Time To Settle Down

Why is it that so many camps come to us feeling like their current software isn’t working out? Maybe it’s because their first search was simply for “online registration,” only to realize later that they needed something more — to work with people who can truly help them operate the entirety of their business.

There’s more to camp management than just registration. Online Registration reminds us of the handsome date who seems great at first, but it turns out doesn’t have much to offer beyond a quick smile. You deserve better. CampMinder is not a cheap date; we’re your long-term relationship… and we can’t wait to meet the parents.

You Call The Shots

In this relationship, we want to do things your way.

What’s Your Philosophy?

Do you want parents to automatically enroll their children, or would you prefer to control the application process? It’s up to you and easier than ever thanks to mobile registration.

Got Discounts?

We’ve seen it all: sibling discounts, early bird specials, multi-session incentives, coupon codes, pay-in-full, tiered pricing… you name it. Meet the most flexible pricing system ever designed for camps.

Show Me The Money

No matter how you receive your payments, CampMinder’s got you covered with online registration tools for camps. Want to reduce your open A/R, improve cash flow, and provide great customer service? Set up recurring payment plans via credit card or eCheck, and watch the dough roll in.

A Holistic Approach

The information you collect on your registration form influences the operation of CampMinder’s Signature Systems: bunking/grouping, transportation, health care, scheduling, financial, marketing and communication, camp store, and more. Registration is important, but it can’t stand alone.