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Want Great Re-enrollment?
Hire Great Staff.

Like it or not, the quality of your staff affects your bottom line. When your staff goes above and beyond, your campers feel it. And when they don’t… you do. That’s why it baffles us when staffing systems seem to be an afterthought for many camps researching technology solutions. Camp staffing is one of the most important things you do, and that’s why it was CampMinder’s initial Signature System in 2001. 

The old way? Applications arrive by email, and manual data entry ensues. Post-its serve as reminders, and handwritten notes are everywhere. Tracking down references? Well, there goes the Spring. Listen, we all want good staff, but the process is a killer, and summer is coming. Take a new approach, and feel what it’s like to love your job.

Check ’em Out

Because chasing down reference forms is not your favorite pastime. We believe camp staffing should be easy. 

Adapt to the Applicant

The staff application molds itself to the individual completing it, and is available on mobile. It’s smart. Do you really care if your nurse can teach basketball? Neither do we, and that’s why it was designed to ask applicants only relevant questions. Make camp staffing simple again.

Automated Reference Forms

Imagine this: Chuck submits his application, and immediately his references receive a link to his online reference form. As they complete their forms, you receive instant notifications. How much time will that save you with camp staffing?

Browse Your Options

Looking for an expert waterski instructor who wants to be a cabin counselor? CampMinder’s interactive browse list has got you covered.

Integrated Background Checks

Run customizable background checks with the click of a button. You can even run them in batches. Results flow into staff member records, and you’re notified of red flags immediately.

Bring ’em On Board

You’ve hired a winner. Now what?

Forms Collection & Customized Digital Contracts

Just like campers, staff have their own set of forms to complete. From W-2s to customizable contracts for each staff member, and health information to any custom form you might want — the Forms Dashboard makes it easy for everyone.


Do you hire international staff? Major international staffing agencies like CCUSA, Camp America, Camp Leaders, 3 Adventures, InterExchange, and Wild Packs beam hires directly into CampMinder.

Manage ’em

Camp’s in session. No time to be a paper pusher.

Cabins & Groups

View staff member profiles as you drag and drop them into cabins and groups.

Reporting & Communication

Create custom reports, documents, and mass emails to easily organize and share information.

Camp Store

Allow your staff to make purchases at the Camp Store and have the amounts automatically deducted from their salary.


Use the Health Center module to track the health histories, logs & treatments, and medication disbursements for staff members.