10 Awesome Camp Pinterest Pages You Must Be Following

Pinterest works great for storing all your camp inspiration. A file folder for all those novel arts & crafts and team-building activities you just can’t wait to try. Pinterest pages from other camps are a great place to start.

Or a place to save campfire recipes. (See: Loaded campfire potatoes! So good.)

For summer camps, though, Pinterest can be a great marketing tool. Pinterest pages are very popular and can work really well for camps. A platform to engage with parents and campers and inspire them. A place to share alumni photos, give “tours” of camp, provide packing lists, and share camper quotes and advice.

How do you do it exactly? These 10 camps have Pinterest figured out, and they’re using the social media platform to inspire their camper, counselors and families in super-cool ways. Take the best ideas and make them your own!

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Kennolyn Camps – Soquel, CA

Nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Kennolyn offers supreme seclusion in the beautiful Bay Area (although it’s still well connected to the surrounding area). Since 1946, Kennolyn has offered the ultimate in outdoor education for youngsters, with programs like surfing (Monterey Bay is a stone’s throw away), horseback riding, and BMX biking. Follow Kennolyn on Pinterest for awesome theme day ideas, camp management tips, and summertime activities inspiration.

camp pinterest tips

Camp Kawartha – Ontario, Canada

Ontario’s Camp Kawartha has served campers since 1921. And this co-ed camp offers a unique blend of leadership, outdoor learning and environmental stewardship training for its campers. On Pinterest, the camp exudes its commitment to youth development and environmental education. You’ll find: Environmental ed activities and ideas to try, nature learning resources, as well as plenty of theme day and activity inspiration. This is a great place to start researching Pinterest pages.

camp pinterest tips

WeHaKee Camp for Girls – Winter, WI

In the White Pine woods of Wisconsin, you’ll find WaHaKee, a camp that provides girls a place to have fun and grow every summer. Founded 95 years ago, WaHaKee has earned a reputation for being a premier camp in the Midwest and offers an assortment of summertime activities including water-skiing and windsurfing. Follow WaHaKee on Pinterest for A trove of camp activities, team-building games, and cool Pinterest marketing ideas. Their Pinterest pages are valuable for developing your own.

camp pinterest tips

Sanborn Western Camps – Florissant, CO

Located in the rugged backcountry of the Rocky Mountains, Sanborn Western Camps (Big Spring Ranch for Boys and High Trails Ranch for Girls) offer the ultimate in outdoor exploration. The camp immerses young people in a truly Colorado experience, with activities like backpacking, horseback riding, and cattle round-ups. Yeehaw! Sanborn uses Pinterest to show off its uniqueness; you’ll find backpacking and adventure pins next to outdoor education resources.

camp pinterest tips

Catalina Island Camps – Catalina Island, CA

With stunning Pacific Ocean views, the Catalina Island Camps offer an outdoor experience like no other. This network of camps has its own cove and offers a range of sea-faring activities that campers can dive into, including snorkeling, power boating and shoreside activities like rock climbing and gardening. On Pinterest: Check them out for boards full of camp inspiration, counselor advice and stunning photos of the camp’s beaches on their Pinterest pages.

camp pinterest tips

Camp Kupugani – Leaf River, IL

Kupugani – located just a few hours from Chicago – strives to build today’s youth into tomorrow’s leaders, with a culture that embraces diversity, empowerment and excellence. In fact, Kupugani means “raise one’s self up,” and that’s the mission of camp each summer. If you’re looking for fun camp activities to try – follow Kupugani on Pinterest. Plus, the camp’s inspiration and parent resource boards might help spark some marketing ideas for you.

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Camp Walt Whitman – Piermont, NH

Since 1948, Camp Walt Whitman has been inspiring campers to reach their full potential on the shores of Lake Armington. And the camp offers the best of the best for summertime fun. Camp Walt Whitman is uber-active on Pinterest. Follow the camp for cool marketing ideas to engage parents and campers – like boards with photos of your region, alumni albums, and long lists of summer camp activities.

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Camp Huckins – Freedom, NH

Located on the idyllic shores of Lake Ossipee, Camp Huckins serves more than 1,300 girls each year during 2- and 4-week sessions. The New Hampshire camp has offered a rich camping tradition since 1928, and the campus also features two family camps, as well. Check them out on Pinterest: Super-awesome ideas exciting campers and families, ideas for turning your boards into planning tools, and of course, tons of great activities that you’ll love to try.

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iD Tech Camps – 150+ Locations

iD Tech Camp is relatively new. But since launching in 1999, the network of STEM camp, which are held various college campuses, has earned a reputation for cutting-edge curricula. Throughout the summer, iD Tech campers learn 21st-century skills like coding and video game development, and more than 60,000 students attend camp each summer. You’ll find tons of pin-inspiration on iD Tech Camps’ Pinterest page; they use the platform to pin press coverage, to showcase Throwback Thursday photos and much, much more.

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Camp Tamakwa – Ontario, Canada

Founded by a naturalist and an avid outdoorsman in 1936, Ontario’s Camp Tamakwa carries on the tradition of immersing young people in the Great Outdoors. The camp is located in Algonquin Provincial Park – a park that features 2,000+ lakes and thousands of square miles of stunning forest – giving kids the perfect backdrop to build self-confidence and partake in camp favorites like canoe trips, water sports and creative arts. On Pinterest, Tamakwa is a treasure trove of camp marketing inspiration. Follow the camp for ideas for reusing archival photos, selling camp merch, and sharing camper experiences.

Turn Your Pinterest Page into a Platform for Inspiring

See! Pinterest isn’t just a tool for saving things you want to try. The social media platform can be an incredible resource for camps, giving them a chance to engage and inspire campers and parents.

So what are you waiting for?

Use these ideas. Make them your own. And turn your camp’s Pinterest page into a tool for reinforcing your culture, showing your values, and heck, telling your audience what makes your camp the best in the world!

And be sure to follow the CampMinder blog for more great camp marketing, business and leadership tips, including more information on Pinterest pages!