Real Stories, Real Success: How Campminder Elevates Camp Experiences

Dive in to our collection of case studies and discover the transformative power of Campminder in action. Explore how we’ve partnered with camps like yours to create memorable, efficient, and innovative experiences.

Featured Success Stories

Camps Airy & Louise
Discover how Camps Airy and Louise revolutionized their operations with Campminder’s API, enhancing efficiency and communication for a better camp experience.
Pierce Country Day Camp
Learn how Pierce Country Day Camp boosted parent engagement and streamlined form submissions using Campminder’s comprehensive tools, improving overall camp management and experience.
YMCA Camp High Harbour
How one camp streamlines camp operations, enhances communication with families, and improves efficiency. All with the tools in Campminder’s Professional Suite.
Ridgecrest Summer Camps
Explore how Ridgecrest Summer Camps enhanced the parent experience with seamless mobile registration and real-time updates, setting a new standard in camp management and communication.
Woodmont Day Camp
Learn how Campanion helps one camp lighten the administrative load while simplifying the forms process for parents.
Pali Adventures
The Professional Suite has the tools camps need to simplify complex tasks, and implement anxiety-reducing strategies.

Hear From Happy Campers

“I love being able to communicate through Campminder. Having a log allows everyone internally to be on the same page and on top of what is next for us when it comes to camper recruitment.”
Camp Interlaken JCC logo in green.
Holly White
Camping Services Coordinator, Camp Interlaken JCC
“Campminder is how I make decisions about cabin assignments to assure the best possible experience for campers. I’m addicted to reports and charts that show us where our weaknesses and strengths lie. ”
Camp Walden logo in green
Liz Stevens
Director, Camp Walden
“Campminder knows their industry and customers, and, most importantly, they listen. Every fix and improvement is made because “we” asked for it, and that approach creates a sense of teamwork. ”
Somerset Camp for Girls logo in blue and red
Josh Hahn
Owner & Director, Somerset Camp for Girls

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